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Executive Summary The efficient market hypothesis proposes that all markets are perfect and efficient and therefore the stock prices listed on the financial market reflect all the information available regarding the underlying companies. Various investors can only achieve the same profits over specified period of time and no investor can gain an advantage over the[…]

Introduction The paranormal refers to phenomena, which if genuine, would defy the fundamental laws of science (Tobacyk, 1988). Belief in the paranormal has promoted many debates that have broadened through the years. However, concerns have focused on the vulnerability of these phenomena to empirical scrutiny, and they have generally be considered to be superstition (Scheibe,[…]

Public Summary This unique service provides one secure login for all of the customer’s desired sites. The Product / Service ‘Our product is your very own website.’ This unique free homepage provides access to all of the users’ favourite websites and RSS feeds. Thus through one medium they will have the world at their fingertips.[…]

SQUARE-ENIX’ SUCCESS AND AAA TRIANGLE ANALYSIS Square-Enix Co. Ltd. is a merger of Square Co. Ltd. and Enix Corporation, which are two competitors in the Japanese computer game software industry. They develop computer game software for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment and follow a framework called ‘polymorphic content’ (Square-Enix Annual Report 2004) where original[…]

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