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  Andy Page

Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Business Management, Environmental Engineering, I.T., Information Systems, Intellectual Property Law, Management, Mechanical-Engineering, Operations Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Sciences, Sustainable Energy

Sample Paper - "Long Distance Wi-Fi using Rotating Antennas"

I am an admirer of Information Technology and work for a highly reputed educational institute. Computer Science is a fascinating discipline that has an impact on nearly every sphere of human endeavour and modern life. We interact with computers through mobile phones, cameras, cars, planes as well as devices used in banking, medicine, security, entertainment and many other aspects of life. I read for my undergraduate degree at a prestigious university before pursuing a PhD in computer science fro ...

  Arma Karim

Computer Engineering, Computing, I.T., Information Systems, Statistics

Sample Paper - "Assessment and feedback practices in higher education"

I have a PhD degree in computing and am self-employed, doing research into the subject of cyber security. I also work as a part-time teaching assistant and lab demonstrator at a highly reputed university. Here, I am involved in the teaching of computing and networking principles.  I am also currently writing papers for publication in well-known, academically recognised journals. I have vast experience in helping students to write computer programmes using different computing languages as well a ...

  Edward Grant

Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Information Systems, Management, Project Management, Risk Management

Sample Paper - "Developing Effective Graphic Communications"

I have successfully completed a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a top university in the United Kingdom, graduating with a Distinction (First Class Honours equivalent). I am soon to be a full-time doctoral researcher at a reputable university in the United Kingdom with a focus on software development for the automation and optimisation of RF and EM engineering designs. As an astute researcher, I have worked with teams and individuals in the following areas: ...

  Pamela Taylor

Computer Engineering, Computing, Electronic-Engineering, Mathematics, Neuroscience

Sample Paper - "Dynamic Causal Modelling"

I obtained both my BSc and MSc degrees in Biomedical Engineering focusing on speech signal processing.  After finishing my Master’s degree, I worked as a medical device consultant and then, as an R&D engineer in a very prominent medical device manufacturing company. Currently, I am at the final stages of my PhD in Biomedical Signal Processing at one of the leading universities in the UK working on EEG. At the same time, I am a teaching assistant at different foundation and undergraduate l ...

  Peter Ramirez

Computer Engineering, Computing, I.T., Information Systems

Sample Paper - "Techniques Used For Understanding Users"

I have more than seven years of experience in IT and three years in academia. I have a Master’s degree in Computer Security and am currently reading for a PhD in Computer Science. I have had articles published for international conferences and I understand the rigour required in writing an article, journal or thesis.  My specialty in is computer security, C#, network security, telemedicine and information systems. Techniques Used For Understanding Users Abstract Techniques used to gather info ...

  Alexander Harrow

Computer Engineering, Computing, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics, Sciences

Sample Paper - "To address the issue of mobility at IP layer, IETF has proposed Mobile IPv4 and Mobile IPv6."

I hold an M.Sc in Mobile and Personal Communications from King’s College London and am currently studying towards a Ph.D in Telecommunication Engineering. I have published several papers in peer reviewed IEEE conferences and journals. I have also supervised a number of bachelors and masters level research projects. I have professional experience of working with different mobile operators and hold a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Programming Languages and Engineering Softwa ...

  Jackson Savill

Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computing, Engineering, Mechanical-Engineering, Mechanics

Sample Paper - "Anti-Friction Bearing System for Jet Engines"

I am a highly qualified aerospace/mechanical engineer working as a consultant to Airbus UK. I have two Master’s degrees in Flight Dynamics and Tribology. I also have a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering. I am an accomplished engineer/researcher with a significant track record. Beside research activities, I have co-ordinated/supervised undergraduates (Level 1-3) and postgraduates (MSc) with  group and individual projects. I have delivered tutorials and led laboratory experiments mainly in the aer ...

  Tom Brooks

Business, Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, I.T., Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Media and Information Technology Law, Multimedia, Operations Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "Nintendo - Innovation Audit"

I am a research fellow of an institution’s subsidiary company with a BSc (Hons) in Information Systems and a business cross-disciplinary MSc in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham. I have a wealth of academic and working experience in five fields: Advanced Computing Science and Information Systems, Management of Information Technology and E-Commerce, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Besides my 12 publications, my BSc dissertation dealt with the de ...

  Robert Brown

Communications, Computer Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, I.T., Operations Management, Project Management

Sample Paper - "An analysis of technological drivers in IT infrastructure."

I am an MSc Telecommunication Engineer from a UK University and graduated with distinction. I also have a Bachelor’s degree (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and graduated with high marks. My future plan consists of taking a PHD in my subject. Prior to this long term goal, I spend time writing research papers for different clients. I also attend different seminars, read journals and attend tutorials to fill my gaps in knowledge and keep updated with new information. My pe ...

  Sean Bond

Computer Engineering, Computing, I.T., Information Systems, Software Engineering

Sample Paper - "An Overview of the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)"

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems and an MSc in Electronics and Communications Engineering. While I was studying, my ambition was to produce academic writing of the highest standard so that I could effectively convey my ideas and a clear understanding of my work in the required course-work and dissertations. Technical writing is my specialisation and it is in this field that I like to showcase my passion for writing. Having published a number of research papers, I am satis ...

Excellent communication and friendly service. I have been struggling with my dissertation and wish I had discovered you sooner. Your help and support really helped. Thank you so much, I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you so much for working so hard on my paper – I managed to achieve 1st standard!