Clifford Pierre Lewis

About me:

I am a licensed I/O Psychologist, Chartered HR Professional and published researcher with experience working in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. My progressive experience spans across 15 years and various industries, including the manufacturing-, retail-, higher education-, financial services-, legal services, social development-, mining-, and energy sectors. Similarly my areas of expertise are diverse in breadth and depth, including fields such as Learning, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Recruitment, Talent, Employment Law, Psychometric Assessment, Research Design, People Analytics, Governance, Strategy, and Policy. My formal credentials include a doctoral degree, with an interdisciplinary focus on Psychology, Sociology, Business and Law, from the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London. I also hold professional licensure with the HPCSA and SABPP in South Africa and the BPS in the United Kingdom.


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Representation in Organisational Leadership within a South African Context
Symbolic competence and discrimination in employment
An Overview of the Literature on Gender, Race and Leadership in Organisations
A Social Identity Theory perspective on conflict between pro-vaccination and vaccine-hesitant groups
Theoretical Framework for Studying Leadership in Organisations
A Cognitive Dissonance perspective on social media echo chambers

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