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Introduction Employment relations primarily encompass the study of all aspects of job regulation within an institution. It is critical to analyze the role of employment relations in improving employee participation and effort at places of work. The study of rules and regulations at the workplace and their development can help develop a culture that is[…]

Abstract This report aims to create elaborative and comprehensive recommendations concerning the dismissal of employees from Kurt Takis company without termination. The information includes all the principles and considerations the claimants should follow before the tribunal court reaches a final decision. In this report, the student is expected to understand the essential functions of employment[…]

Critically evaluate the contribution of Assessment Centres to the development of the psychological contract between newcomer employees and the organization. Also compare and contrast different views that selection methods solely perform ‘predictivist objectives’ versus the view that selection methods can also serve the development of a ‘viable psychological contract’ between the individual and the organization.[…]

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