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The process of decision making can be split into three different concepts which are intelligence, design and choice. The intelligence is a collection of information of all types that is required within the decision making process. Examples include the modelling details and the parametric details. The design is the design of the alternatives to the[…]

The leader being profiled for this assignment will be Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of Good Energy. Good Energy is a UK company, based in the South West, set up to provide renewable energy in response to the issue of climate change. Good Energy not only supplies renewable energy from wind and solar farms, but[…]

Discussions and theories of leadership tend to emphasise vision, inspiration and motivation. We would learn more about leadership if we focused on people’s psychological need for control. Organisations cannot exist without some form of structure and control. People in organisations are largely controlled by their own adherence to structures. Leaders can either reinforce the significance[…]

Introduction The essay compares and contrasts the leadership styles and management of two very different companies. The first organisation is Tesco Plc, which is one of the biggest retailers in UK and a highly profitable organisation. The second organisation which was chosen was the charity organisation British Red Cross. Interviews and observations were undertaken at[…]

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