Christian Wright

About me:

I am a graduate aiming to progress my career in the financial services industry in London. I have an undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing Management and a postgraduate degree in Global Financial Services. I also have work experience as a summer intern during three different intervals, tasked with handling the sales, marketing and business development activities of a chemical manufacturing company. My achievements in the company included successfully prospecting more than ten new B2B customers, writing up budget plans and sales strategies for the Asia Pacific territory, and developing the exhibition booth for several global events.

Other than that, I have engaged in personal trading of equities, currencies, indices, and commodities for more than two years now. I started as a freelance academic writer in October 2014, specialising in business (strategy, operations, marketing, corporate ethics, human resources, business development, branding), finance (accounting, financial analysis, valuation, risk management, international accounting standards), fashion (e-commerce), feasibility studies, and business plans.


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