Vishita Patel

About me:

I have pursued my bachelor degree in Business Administration and recently I have completed my MSc in Business with International management from Northumbria University, London. During my studies, I have had good experiences that have improved my writing skills. Also, working with different assignments and projects, I have built strong command of time management, organisation, planning, outlining skills which are necessary to be a good writer.


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Analysing the effect of work from home and employee productivity after the COVID 19 outbreak
Examining Effectiveness of Resource and Institutional based Entry modes of SMEs in Emerging Market
Examining Effectiveness of Traditional Marketing Practices in Today’s Competitive Environment
Investigate the factors influencing low employee retention in the childcare sector
Exploring Relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Organisation
Role of leadership in organisational change
A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of investing in emerging markets
Impact of social media on buying behaviour of consumers in the hospitality and tourism industry

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