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I am a qualified academic writer and market researcher. I hold a PhD in marketing management and a BSc in Business Studies. I provide tuition services to undergraduates, MBAs and postgraduates in quantitative and qualitative research methods, SPSS, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word, as well as in subjects relating to marketing, management and business in general. I design surveys to track changes in electricity usage, as well as consumer attitudes and preferences for a leading electricity supplier in the Caribbean. I analyse SERVQUAL (service quality) data in SPSS, and use cluster analyses and factor analyses to identify consumer segments and profiles for domestic and industrial consumers. I also generate reports by conducting multivariate analyses on the renewables, retail and consumer lifestyle industries to accurately gauge and segment markets by. The data I gather also forms the basis of journal articles I am involved in writing. All in all, I am well versed in designing quantitative surveys and use PowerPoint (and Word and Publisher) to create presentations, including seminars on market orientation. For another client in the market of financial recommendations, I am the Operations Manager, and one of my main duties is to manage the needs of investors worldwide.


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The impact of personality, culture (British and Greek) and coping strategies upon measures of performance.

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