Stephen Abrams

About me:

I have a first-class honours degree, an MPhil, and a PhD in philosophy, all from red brick universities in the UK. I have seven years of post-PhD experience and have published numerous articles in highly ranked (i.e. top 10) philosophical journals. In 2014, I published a book with a well-known international publisher. I am well-versed in Applied Ethics, Normative Ethics, Metaethics, Metaphysics and its sub-areas (e.g. Personal Identity), Epistemology, the Philosophy of Mind, the Philosophy of Language, Aesthetics, the Philosophy of Art, Political Philosophy, the Philosophy of Mathematics, and Logic.

Although my specialist subject is philosophy, I have wider interests than this. I have written on topics in Business Studies, Politics, Art History, and English Literature, and have also been published in some of these areas.


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A PhD dissertation proposal on “Brexit” and the clash between Europeanisation” and national identity in twenty-first century Europe- A Constructivist view

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