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About me:

My belief is that education is the most important asset to the development of humans and society as a whole. My ambition right from my childhood years was centred on teaching. As both my parents are teachers and I grew up in an environment that always reminded me how important learning was during my early years, and during the course of my education, especially my Masters (MBA & MSc in Management Consultancy) I was involved in helping fellow students learn better. I have a natural gift of good writing skills rather than imparting teaching in a verbal form.

I have been writing assignments, coursework, essays, research proposals and dissertations for six years and I enjoy writing on topics such as business, general management, finance, hospitality management, travel, nursing, health care, marketing, human resource, education and many more.

I always strive to perfect my learning and writing skills and I put in the maximum effort possible on all assignments I undertake, no matter how big or small. I attend seminars and courses on a regular basis in order to learn skills that are essential in enabling me to deliver the academic tasks set to the best standard. I also do research on current academic topics, especially those related to management and commerce.


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Exploring person/organisation fit and appraisal and reward options for small to medium enterprises.
How medical staff can be utilised effectively to provide effective medical care for clinical incidents in the neonatal intensive care unit

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