Paul Smith

About me:

I am an academic and business consultant with professional business and academic experience spanning close to 15 years, I have been working for a number of academic and corporate organisations in the UK and abroad. I hold a Bachelor’s degree as well as a postgraduate Bachelor’s degree in Industrial systems. I have an MBA from one of Scotland’s leading universities and am currently running a PhD program in Supply Chain Management in the UK. I am a professional writer and researcher, and in my leisure time I enjoy playing the piano and watching movies.

I specialise in developing and writing reports, proposals, business plans and any other business-related projects. These make me quite versatile in most business and management subjects, such as marketing, strategy, project management, supply chains, human resource management and a wide range of other business subjects. I hope to become an international consultant working for the United Nations, UNESCO and other global corporations


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A discussion of the purpose and styles of university lectures

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