James Stevens

I recently graduated from the University of Dundee with a Master of Arts (Hons.) in English and Philosophy (1st Class Honours). My primary interests in these subjects are the novels of James Joyce and Virginia …

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Nikki Abraham

With a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature and a Master’s Degree in English Language Studies from a UK University, I'm currently pursuing my PhD in English - Cognitive stylistics. I am passionate about education …

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Ruth Leslie

I am a qualified teacher of English Language and English Literature, and also hold a BA and PhD in English literature. In addition to my 11-18 teaching experience, I have also taught literature at undergraduate …

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Harry Parker

My first degree was in Media Studies, which I completed in 2006. Since then I have worked in the public and private sector as a Sales Manager for a publishing company and I have five …

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Jo Harris

I have recently completed my Masters in Psychology and Education from Cambridge, specialising in creative interventions in social psychology. Before this I worked among underprivileged children and young people at a prominent non-profit organisation. I …

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Tom Worthy

I obtained a first class with honours for my English Literature and Film degree from Newcastle University. The degree included some work in media and cultural studies and education. I am currently undertaking research for …

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Sam Roberts

I am a former corporate lawyer and published novelist. I have a Masters degree in Law and I am currently working towards a PhD in Medical Law whilst writing my second novel. My first degree …

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Hayleigh Nolan

I am a language teacher and a researcher. I teach English as a Foreign Language and Spanish in schools, in a language academy and I also work as a tutor. After my degree in English …

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Stephen Babcock

I am a highly experienced writer and I currently run a critical theory blogging site which I set up after achieving my first master’s degree. I have always taken a keen interest in academic writing …

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