Essay on Hench: The Auditor

Published: 2021/11/12
Number of words: 678

Hench is a fantasy novel by Natalie Zina Walschots about a data analyst Anna Tromedlov who becomes the auditor for the most powerful supervillain in the world, Leviathan. Supercollider is an invincible powerful superhero, and Quantum Entanglement is his partner; Keller is Leviathan’s human muscle; June and Greg are Anna’s friends way before she was the auditor. With henching, you know where you stand “, you own the cruelty, the scheming; it’s all on the surface. No one wants to be a real hero; it’s too hard.” (cite). This book will give a clear insight into the notion that superheroes are perfect beings, disclosing they cause more property and collateral damage than good during their word-saving escapades.

The author depicts Anna as an intelligent woman; nonetheless, she is frustrated by the enormous problems stacked against her from the imbalance of power assigned to heroes, villains, and ordinary people and the lack of accountability from the heroes for their actions. During one of her temps, she falls victim to a life-altering injury at the hands of Supercollider, struggling to recover from the trauma and damage that succumbed to her body, lost her job and apartment, and the fights with the insurance company overwhelm her. When denied justice, she embarks on an act of revolutionary revenge using data as her best asset. Rest is a weapon, Walschots,162). Anna consoles herself in this context, and while she recuperates sets at doing what she does best, researching obsessively.

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When she starts compiling data on the superheroes, realizing that she is not the only one caught up in the hero-villain crossfire, she starts a blog called” the injury report” (walschots,66). Drawing attention on social media, this leads to her meeting Leviathan who’s equipped with assets and resources.” He proposes a plan to weaponize the data she had against the heroes with the ultimate goal of bringing down Supercollider. She engages in small jobs that prove her concept can take down these heroes and refers to this as a profoundly satisfying position ruining many heroic days.

The interactions between Anna and Leviathan spurs trust and respect. It leads to them referring to her as The Auditor; they had the same motivations, and together they displayed the weaknesses of the heroes, rendering them vulnerable to loss of control. It caused the heroes’ loss of credibility, social and actual currency, and the unwavering protection of goodwill. The concept proved adequate rebalancing power through public image and stripping off pretense causing her abduction and torture by Supercollider’s team. Leviathan rescues her, and Anna’s abduction acts as a wake-up call; it blew an overblown response to revenge, creating an all-out war between the two. Leviathan appears to have the upper hand, but he is eventually overpowered and killed by Supercollider, leaving behind his mechanical armor.

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The responsibility to restore the organization was taken upon by Anna, who is greatly weighed down by Leviathan’s death. She sets sight on taking down the Supercollider by starting a deliberate campaign to weaken his support and later joining efforts with Quantum Entanglement Supercollider’s partner and lover since only she could defeat him in a fight. Anna uses herself as bait to draw Supercollider out in the open, and Quantum Entanglement folds his body into itself using her powers. They transferred his body to the secret lab where Anna was held captive before recovering Leviathan alive held hostage. It proved Anna’s speculations right since the armor left behind was artificial, whereas Leviathan’s body was made of living metal. (cite).

In summary, the author employs the themes of power, denoted by superheroes, and the use of modern technology by the auditor to turn things around against the heroes seeking credibility for the greater good. Anna’s perseverance through office politics.The friendship and found family who see each other through thick and thin. No matter how many fantastical events this novel presents preveniently prove that superheroes are not that super after all.

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Walschots, N., 2020. Hench. William Morrow.

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