Essay on Golden Gate Park Visual Analysis

Published: 2021/11/12
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The Golden Gate Park is a green space in the heart of San Francisco, which is home to many gardens and museums. The area was arid before development and was later reclaimed to form what is famously known as the Golden Gate Park. The place currently is full of biodiversity with different types of species for both plants and animals. Dozens of trees cover the habitat, lakes, paths, and a sanctuary for rearing buffalos (Bolton, 2018). The place many attractions that drive traffic there, including the de Young Museum, the Japanese Tea Garden, and a botanical garden. Also, the Steinhart Aquarium and the California Academy of Sciences are based in the Golden Gate Park. The paper examines the park and visual attractions that make the place a unique ecological center in San Francisco.

The first visual analysis that the study encompasses within the Golden Gate Park is the de Young Museum. The fine arts museum was named after a newspaperman who lived in the heart of San Francisco. Many people visit the place to enjoy the view of different works of art that are displayed in the museum. For instance, The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a work of art by Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis. Equally, the Birth of Impressionism by Masterpieces from Musée d’Orsay is a piece of art that is found at the museum. In essence, the museum has a variety of artwork that is thrilling and appealing to the eye. Development of the place from an arid area to a fabulous space covered by vegetation is a significant move towards the conservation and sustainability of the environment. As such, the de Young Museum at the Golden Gate Park is an important place that is full of visual art representing American history.

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The Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco has been noted severally for its exemplary and innovative displays the American history. The aquarium is based at the Golden Gate Park and was opened in the year 1923. The facility is administered by the California Academy of Sciences and has over 5000 specimens of approximately above 300 species of fish. The place has over 200 reptiles and amphibians that are kept for attraction and experimental purposes. In essence, the site has extensive coverage of aquatic animals, including marine invertebrates (Ashbolt, 2015). For those individuals who love the view of aquatic an9mals, the place is covered with a fish roundabout that is an enormous circular glass modeled to give the viewer an exciting look. As such, the area is covered with beautiful scenery of aquatic animals, which forms basis for the vast tourist attractions that are found in the place.

The Japanese Tea Garden is another crucial section of the Golden Gate Park that is interesting to many who happen to visit the place. At the Hagiwara gate, many people come to take photos due to the beautiful scenery that the garden provides. The place is covered with waterfalls that create an illusion of awakening in the mind of an individual. The Japanese Tea Garden is a major stop for many tourists in the world who would love to enjoy the view and serene environment of the garden. The view of the clipped hedge in the form of Mt Fuji, form another vital tourist attraction found at the Golden Gate Park (Maciel, 2019). The Japanese Tea Garden has an impressively carved basin of water that creates the shape of a boat. Such pieces of art are loved by many in the American history. The feature provides a traditional washing of hands before one gets into the tea garden. The Tea Garden represents a relevant section that makes the Golden Gate Park unique.

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The California Academy of Sciences is yet another critical section of the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It represents a research institute and a natural, historical museum in the United States. The academy is well known for housing over 40 million specimens for scientific experiments. It is a landmark research center that values scientific studies with an artificial planetarium, an aquarium, rainforest, and a museum, all in one place (Bolton, 2018). The Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is a place with a variety of art that attracts many through its appealing view.

To sum it up, the Golden Gate Park is a developed place with many plan and animal species that encompass the area. The site has a variety of attractions that include the de Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, the Japanese Tea Garden and the Steinhart Aquarium. The place values history and is well known for preserving works of art that are meaningful in the American culture. For instance, the garden tea provides a serene environment that soothes an individual with the scenery in the place. Many who visit the site enjoy the view that is well designed to attract many within the place. The Golden Gate Park is an epitome of what development can do to an arid area.


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