Essay on Assessment Plan for a Specified Position

Published: 2021/11/18
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Job applicants need specific skills to boost their chances of being recruited and selected. Problem solving skills is a desirable, but not essential, trait while seeking a job opportunity. For example, a person applying for a position of store manager, he or she should be prepared to deal with a lot of employee issues. The applicant, therefore, ought to have fine problem solving skills in order to come up with amicable solutions.The most important predictor in the recruitment and selection process is simulation (Deranek et al., 2017, p. 374). According to the scholars, simulation entails taking employees through rigorous training away from the actual job to prepare them for real life problems. Other than simulation, employers put applicants through other recruitment and selection processes such as panel interviews, group interviews, and online quizzes. Pre-employment assessments are important to minimize problems of hiring new employees.

Group working skills are also essential for evaluating an applicants’ ability to work in a team. It is a desirable but not essential trait. A group interview is one of the most important predictors, followed by a resume check. Accounting skills are also fundamental requirements for the position of store manager. Primarily, the individual is tasked with handling financial activities of the organization. An accounting test is also an important predictor of the level of mastery that potential candidates have in line with the store manager position.

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Listening skills are also essential traits as the store manager will be dealing with both employees and customers who have issues they need addressed. He/she must be a good listener. The most important predictor for listening skills is a panel interview, followed by group interview and lastly, online quiz. Delegating skills are also essential characteristics as the store manager is expected to assign different personnel various tasks. The most important predictor is simulation, followed by panel interview and then group interview.

Customer focus is also an essential requirement as the store manager should pursue customer satisfaction. The most important predictor is simulation, followed by panel interview, then online quiz and lastly resume. Further, leadership skills are desirable as the store manager takes the role of administrating the entire organization. The most predictor is group interview, followed by resume, and lastly simulation. The characteristics highlighted above revolve around three key purposes: screening (a brief question & answer session), evaluative (review of applications), and contingent (references & background information review). Entry-level job applicants are taken through these selection screening and performance monitoring to ensure that an organization recruits the most competent and qualified individuals.

Panel Interview Questions for a Specified Position

The first behavioral question on group management would aim at evaluating the leadership skills of the applicants, as well as their group working skills. The question would also assess their listening skills and delegating skills. A good answer would create an impression of an excellent team leader to the panel members. A satisfactory answer would imply reluctance of the applicant to the panel. A poor answer would automatically disqualify an applicant as they show total unreliability.

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The second situational question is important to test on the applicant’s customer relations skills, as well as problem-solving and listening skills. Problem solving is affected by a set of cognitive processes which affects an individual’s performance (Lacerenza et al., 2018, p. 522). A good answer would portray a polite personality and one who upholds the value of customers and the reputation of the organization. Satisfactory answer would show some level of incompetence, while a bad answer shows lack of seriousness in the job.

The third situational question would test the applicant’s employee relations skills. A good answer would show the ability of the applicant to solve problems in good time. It also shows that the applicant has good delegating skills as well as leadership skills. A satisfactory answer would show limited capacity of the applicant in terms of problem solving and decision making. A poor answer would show the applicant’s incompetence in implementing his leadership roles. Underlying research shows that team work and joint decision making and communication enhance employee commitment and job satisfaction (Collins, 2020, p. 334). Therefore, a thorough recruitment and selection process is necessary for an organization to employ individuals who are competent in both behavioral and situational contexts.


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