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Published: 2021/11/08
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Communication is a crucial part of the day to day activities. For communication to be successful, specific strategies and principles have to be employed. The techniques include being brief and straight, attracting the listeners’ attention, delivering the message in a way that is easily understood, delivering the news at the right time, monitoring the response and reactions of the message recipients, among others (Fogel, 2017). In communication and media, the process of communication is very vital, especially in making public speeches. Therefore, this article aims at analyzing general speaking skills and relating them to communication concepts.

From the 2019 Original Oratory NSDA National Final Round Speaker Video, “evaluate the speaker’s public speaking skills by applying them to 3 “Content” concepts from your textbook learned in class. Please define the concept, then includes specific “word- for word” example(s) from the speech you think best illustrate that concept, and justify why the speaker’s choice of the idea was practical/why or why not.”

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Haris Hosseini, a son of a novelist and an award-winning public speaker, is committed to using his voice and skills in public speaking to address social issues facing society globally and domestically. Haris is presently rated as the best orator in the United States, and he has gathered several awards at the national speech and debate .contests across the country. In his award-winning speech in the 2019 national speech and debate association, Haris employs his public speaking skills to best address racism and gender inequality.

In his speech, Haris employs the iceberg communication concept by constantly using body movements, gestures, and facial expressions. According to Albert Mehrabian’s communication concept, communication is about how a speaker passes the message rather than the message itself. Body movements, facial expressions, and gestures are visual aids to communication. Haris makes movements on the stage and uses several gestures to demonstrate his message. Moreover, he smiles severally after making compliments to keep the speech lively and attract the audience.

Secondly, engaging with the audience is another evident public speaking skill from Haris’ speech. Involvement of the audience in the address by asking questions and using facts that the audience is familiar with aids the effectiveness of a speech. Haris engages the listeners throughout his speech by asking rhetorical questions and elaborating points that the audience knows. For instance, Haris addresses race inequality by using an example of the black lives matter demonstrations, which most people in the country well know: “I watched the demonstration in the television, wherein one corner, the black people demanded justice while in the other corner the police solemnly stared.”

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Thirdly, Haris employs the concept of clarity, correctness, conciseness, completeness, concrete, coherency, and courtesy in communication. Clarity and conciseness entail short sentences that are easy to understand, while correctness entails error-free transmission and the use of terms that match the audience’s education level. A concrete message portrays vivid facts and ideas that, in turn, show a clear picture of the news. A complete message tackles all the points the audience needs to be informed about, while courteous communication considers the perceptions and opinions of the audience. It is honest and friendly. Lastly, a coherent speech comprises logical and relevant points connected to the main topic. In his remarks, Haris uses sentences that are characterized by all these elements. For instance, as he addresses immigration, Haris says, “the same way we lock the doors to our house, we lock the doors to our country.” This point is connected to the main topic: racism, as he tries to portray how immigration restrictions have discriminated against people of color.

In conclusion, communication several communication concepts are employed in public speaking for best outcomes. Many national public speakers like Haris Hosseini master and use general speaking skills to make their concept speeches best and award-winning.


Fogel, A. (2017). Two principles of communication: Co-regulation and framing. In New perspectives in early communicative development (pp. 9-22). Routledge.

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