Sophie Archibald

About me:

I am experienced in the fields of clinical and medical sciences, with extensive anatomical knowledge and skills. My experience also encompasses, therapy-driven medical research and consultancy; health economics and medical writing. At present, I am pursuing my doctorate at the University of Cambridge. This is a collaborative clinical/research based project between the Medical Research Council and the Department of Paediatrics. I obtained my MPhil in Translational Medicine and Therapeutics also from the University of Cambridge and also graduated with my MBChB from the University of Aberdeen with an accompanying First Class Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences. During my spare time I partake in collegiate and town club rowing, as well as teaching dance at the local community centre.


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The critical appraisal of a Non-medical ‘Diabetic Specialist’ Pharmacist Prescriber in a General Practice setting and how this role meets the Department of Health stated aims and outcomes.
Collective bargaining gives employees a voice in determining their terms and conditions of employment.’ Is collective bargaining still the dominant trade union method in the UK? Do the alternatives to bargaining satisfy the expression of employee voice?

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