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Obesity in adults and children continues to be a dire public health issue, leading to many academics exploring ways to reduce the impact this has on mortality and quality of life. This suggests that many of the current interventions have lacked effectiveness in terms of long-term sustainability and the influence of long-term improvements to the[…]

Introduction Nutritional practices have diversified over the decades all over the world. Modernization has greatly influenced healthy behaviors, although cultural practices have been used to determine the dietary patterns of people worldwide. There has been a change in several components of daily living, such as a change in the food taste, food preferences, and nutritional[…]

In a study of people with Type II diabetes starting a low calorie diet it was found that the levels of the transcript for the gene UCP2 was significantly reduced (>3 fold), but the level of the protein product was found to be unchanged in the same cells. What techniques could be used to investigate[…]

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