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  Sophia Archibald

Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Dentistry, Epidemiology, Genetics, Health, Health & Safety Management, Medicine, Midwifery, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Psychology, Public Health, Sciences, Sociology

Sample Paper - "Non-medical ‘Diabetic Specialist’ Prescriber appraisal"

I am experienced in the fields of clinical and medical sciences, with extensive anatomical knowledge and skills. My experience also encompasses, therapy-driven medical research and consultancy; health economics and medical writing. At present, I am pursuing my doctorate at the University of Cambridge. This is a collaborative clinical/research based project between the Medical Research Council and the Department of Paediatrics. I obtained my MPhil in Translational Medicine and Therapeutics also f ...

  Noah Forbes

Communications, Crisis Management, Education, Environmental Studies, Epidemiology, Health, Health & Safety Management, Human Rights, International Development, International Relations, International Studies, Journalism, Management, Medical Law, Mental Health Law, Nursing, Nutrition, Operations Management, Physiology, Politics, Project Management, Public Health, Research Methods, Risk Management, Social Policy, Sociology

Sample Paper - "The UK government’s ‘ Health is Global ’ strategy"

I have a Master’s degree in Global Health and Public Policy from a UK University, and a double-major Bachelor’s degree in Physiology and International Development. I am a full-time consultant for the United Nations. My work experience has covered matters of coordination, stakeholder engagement, programme design, and monitoring and evaluation. I have written several annual and best practice reports for the UN as well as prepped high-ranking officials on their speeches.  My health-relate ...

  Joe Irene

Bio-informatics, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Epidemiology, Genetics, Health, Health & Safety Management, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Research Methods, Sciences, Statistics, Toxicology

Sample Paper - "Lineage Tracing"

My solid medical science background, research activity and undergraduate teaching experience equips me with the necessary skills needed to craft quality science material. My research interests span across several aspects of life sciences and medicine. In the context of original research work, my excellent statistical analysis skills leave no areas of research data unaccounted for. I have also authored several science articles (some in SAGE encyclopaedia of stem cell research and non-science arti ...

  Geoffrey Sterling

Health, Medicine, Nutrition, Pathology, Physical Education, Physiology, Psychology, Sciences, Sports

Sample Paper - "The relationship between the X-Factor and golfing performance"

I graduated in Sport and Exercise Science with first class honours from a UK University. I have expertise in the relationship between the human body and exercise and this has provided me with vast knowledge of areas such as drug development, health, injury prevention and nutrition. I have a very clear understanding of the requirements of current academia at all student work levels and fully understand the standard of work expected from an essay or dissertation and how to best present the findin ...

  Jack Andrews

Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Intellectual Property Law, Medicine, Mental Health Law, Midwifery, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Sciences

Sample Paper - "An in-depth analysis of Ocular Melanoma"

I am an experienced academic writer. I presented research at a conference at the University of Cambridge in 2012 and will be presenting again. I hold an honours degree in Medical Science and have also recently completed my studies for a Masters by Research on Open Education. During my university years I was both a course representative and a faculty representative, where, along with four other faculty reps, I was in charge of looking after approximately 5000 students. Before accepting my current ...

  Andy Hatlen

Biology, Biotechnology, Business, Environmental Studies, Genetics, Health, Management, Nutrition, Sciences

Sample Paper - "The effect of low calorie diets on people with Type II diabetes"

I currently aid in a research project based on Biofuels within a university. With a master’s degree in Biotechnology from Glasgow, I do have a strong educational background in Biology. Also, having worked as a Laboratory Assistant in an academic setting, I am quite familiar with several common laboratory techniques. During my spare time I work with a few charities and volunteer at my local hospital to assist them when their workload exceeds a comfortable level. I am also the head administrator ...

  Amy Beresford

Anthropology, Childcare, Communications, Cultural Studies, Drama, Education, Environmental Studies, Literature, Management, Materials Science, Music, Nutrition, Philosophy, Physical Education, Plant Science, Psychology, Religion, Sciences, Teaching, Theatre

Sample Paper - "The development of social skills in young children"

Retired Head Teacher after many years in both primary and secondary education. Specialist area of Educational Management of which I hold both an M.A. and an Advanced Diploma. Presented seminars on the curriculum in Primary Education, whilst working as a Deputy Head Teacher at the induction of the National Curriculum and later in my capacity as a Head Teacher. My first degree was in sciences, specialising in astro-physics and geology. Have had a wide range of academic experiences in many contrast ...

  Helen Davies

Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Health, Medicine, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition, Plant Science, Sciences, Zoology

Sample Paper - "Management report for reducing CT scan waiting lists"

My Bachelor degree is in general Biology and I also hold a Masters in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London. I have several years’ laboratory experience in state of the art molecular biology techniques and for the past two years I have been focusing on freelance writing. I have a lot of experience with academic projects and I love the process of researching a new topic and writing essays. From September I will start my second Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I l ...

  Kat Smith

Environmental Studies, Geography, Health, Nutrition, Psychology, Risk Management, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology

Sample Paper - "Exploring groups and their dynamics"

I am a researcher and writer who has worked for a number of high profile educational, public and corporate organisations. I have a BA (Hons) in Classics, industry management qualifications and experience, a master’s degree in environmental management, and occupational health and safety. I recently finished my PhD in Psychology and my M.D. in Alternative Medicines. I am currently studying for a DSc in Psychotherapy and Wellbeing, a PgC in Evidence Based Psychological Treatments and an M.D. in N ...

  Kate Jones

Communications, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Economics, European Studies, Health, International Relations, Jurisprudence, Law, Management, Marketing, Medical Law, Mental Health Law, Nutrition, Operations Management, Politics, Psychology, Sciences, Sociology

Sample Paper - "Public Laws vs Private Laws"

I work for the Office of the General Counsel at a top-ranked academic medical centre. I have a Master of Science in International Health Policy with a concentration in Health Economics from the London School of Economics. I am completing my Doctor of Jurisprudence and will sit for the bar exam in July. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and have a side business doing event and commercial photography. Before my current profession and graduate school, I studied Business Administration and Psych ...

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