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Summary This assignment is written from the point of view of a bowel cancer project manager for one of the cancer networks in England. It gives a systems review of the service provided to bowel cancer patients and makes recommendations for improvements in quality, with a project plan to demonstrate the process for making changes.[…]

1. RELEVANT BACKGROUND OF THE PROPOSED WORK: Patient care has gained immense importance in recent years due to the increased number of medical disorders and increasing awareness amongst people and patients. Increased demand in hospitals and healthcare centres to improve the patient’s health condition has become a formidable factor for all the health care professionals[…]

CRITICALLY REFLECT ON A VIOLENT OR AGGRESSIVE INCIDENT MAKING REFERENCE TO THE EVIDENCE BASE TO INFORM BEST PRACTICE The widespread use of physical restraints is an issue of increasing concern in today’s nursing practice. Physical restraints can be defined as any physical or mechanical device to involuntarily restrain the movement of the whole or a[…]

  Dementia is a progressive disease for which currently there is no cure. Treatment options are limited to medication aimed at slowing down the cholinergic degeneration that occurs in the brain at the onset of dementia (Roy et al., 2016). However, these treatments are limited and are only used with the small population of those[…]

Introduction This work will present a proposal for research looking at the issue of Irish women’s experiences of the initiation of breastfeeding on the labour ward. According to the National Perinatal Reporting System present in Ireland, it is known that, currently, only around 47% of Irish women initiate breastfeeding and it is hoped that this[…]

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