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Evolving nurse practice and patient care delivery models Medical care in the U.S. has been plagued with adverse high costs, a fragmented delivery system and provisions of poor quality services. In response to this, there has been the development of key concepts integrated with health care delivery. They include Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), medical homes[…]

Abstract Consultation between patients and the nursing fraternity is an important aspect in diabetes condition management. Caldwell through his article on the topic provide researchers diverse perspective on the idea. Nurses have become leaders in care giving; they are more involved in the provision of care, education and in diagnosis of diabetes conditions more than[…]

Introduction Mental health concern in recent times has been recognized as the most common issue that transformed drastically. This is mainly based on the closure of several old asylums and the care moves towards the community. The one major change that is found in the concern of nursing and mental health services is generally related[…]

Introduction Advanced practice nurses (APNs) refer to those who possess the required advanced training from accredited institutions as well as certification; often inclusive of a doctorate or master’s degree in the field of nursing (Miranda et al., 2019). They are part of a group of healthcare providers that is described as advanced practice providers (APPs)[…]

Introduction Nursing theory may be a set of definition or ideas that are derived from the nursing discipline. It can also be defined because the expression of a recommended action within the nursing practice with the aim of improving the standard of healthcare services that are provided to the patients or for resolution of problems[…]

Introduction Safe State Nursing Ratio is a public health policy that advocates for the minimum patient allocation to the health care providers. The United States is one of the countries faced with the challenges of the Safe States Nursing Ratio violation due to the need of the medical facilities and organizations to cut down the[…]

Introduction The objective of this essay is to reflect on my progress in relation to the four domains of care stipulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2010), throughout my second year of practice. These are Standards of Competence that are mandatory to be attained by progression point 2. As a second year student nurse,[…]

The objective of this essay is to disseminate the nursing process and evaluate its contribution to the healthcare sector. The practical and theoretical aspects of the nursing process will be explored simultaneously. The nursing framework constitutes four stages: the actual assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. This assignment is founded on a clinical placement which I[…]

Introduction “Nursing Turbulence in Critical Care: Relationships with Nursing Workload and Patient Safety,” by Jennifer Browne and Carrie Jo Braden (2020), is an article that highlights some of the critical issues associated with overworking and workload in the nursing field. The authors study the complexities and activities that are not included in the nurses’ workloads,[…]

Introduction Individualized patient care is a relative new term in the health care industry that involves the recognition and treatment of the patients as autonomous entities. In the United kingdom, the NMC provides a set of codes and regulations that are adhered to by the Nurses and the mid-wives. The first section of the NMC[…]

Introduction During a disaster, many healthcare facilities receive patients with critical health conditions. In some cases, the number of patients out-do the resources available in hospitals. As such, triage nursing is needed to ensure that all patients receive proper treatment, reducing the death cases in the emergency rooms. Historically, the need for triage nurses was[…]

The belief that everybody is worthy of equal political, social rights, economic, and opportunities is social justice. On the other hand, equality ensures that everyone has the same chance to make the best of their lives and abilities. The two have a close relationship in society. In nursing, the two have interrelated meanings, and they[…]

As a nurse professional I must be full equipped with appropriate skills to offer the right services to my clients. As such, in my clinical practice I applied the blood pressure diagnosis skill. In the exercise I carried out a systematic process involving, wrapping a cuff, pressing the stethoscope, inflating the cuff, listening to the[…]

Introduction The framework for the nursing process is based on research ideas, primarily on the study of nursing-related concepts and variables. Performing a concept analysis helps researchers and students get a better grasp of a certain idea. The analysis’s goal is to show how a concept’s operational definition differs from its defining characteristics. Understanding a[…]

Introduction As per the chief complaint, the patient has experienced a severe headache with difficulty in speaking. Also, the patient has been experiencing frequent headaches and feels a burning sensation whenever they urinate. The given symptoms could mean that the patient may be suffering from several ailments, including Urinary Tract Infection, stroke, Pyelonephritis, or even[…]

Nursing informatics is an essential skill required to improve patient care efficiency. It calls for integrating nursing skills and information technology to enhance data analysis and efficient management of data in healthcare. Nursing informatics programs can easily manage, process, define and transmit data and information about a patient through a digital platform. Technological advancement has[…]

I am a nurse practitioner with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), working towards Bachelors in Nursing (BSN). It is a four-year program that prepares an individual for careers as a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and that is the minimum academic requirement. Pursuing an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) offers a[…]

Introduction In nursing, there are four meta paradigms: the person, the environment, health, and nursing. Patients are the center of attention in a person’s metaparadigm, which emphases on the patient. It may contain a person’s devoutness, ethos, family and groups or socioeconomic situation in this list. There are both internal and exterior variables affecting the[…]

Assessing one’s strengths, understanding limitations, and identifying gaps in professional experience is a major step towards growing into a professional nurse executive leader. Such insights assist professionals in growing their ability to lead others. I use this paper to discuss my leadership strengths, and how I can use them to build effective teams, as well[…]

Abstract This paper aims to outline the implications of pharmacogenomics and technology on the nursing practice. The technology enables nurses in identifying the relationship between human genes and drugs. The practice has faced numerous challenges and ethical issues but even then, many organizations have successfully adopted and implemented it. Introduction Genomics has brought gradual changes[…]

It is the responsibility of every state to liaise with the relevant bodies to ensure that the health sector performs well. This paper analyses the Institute of Nursing Report as well as its importance and relevance to the future of nursing in the U.S. It also defines the role of action-based coalitions and their initiatives[…]

Nurses are always faced with ethical dilemmas as a matter of routine. In most cases, a wrong decision can lead to a detrimental result, and at times it can lead to death (Alba, 2016). At the same time, well-defined decisions can improve medical care and can lead to patient satisfaction. To avoid consequential medical errors[…]

I agree that my culture does influence my ideas and attitudes, which in turn effect and influence my nursing care. Culture is a factor that plays a significant role in how people interact, how an individual values another and relationship creating, and that’s why the nursing culture can influence a lot of activities I engage[…]

Caring For Adults with Impaired Physical Mobility by Crawford and Harris provides a review for the care protocol for people with disabilities. Primarily, the authors are keen to provide a background review of mobility difficulties among adults. The article is presented in sections that include an introduction, a review of populations at risk, the nursing assessments[…]

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