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Published: 2021/12/13
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Nursing theory may be a set of definition or ideas that are derived from the nursing discipline. It can also be defined because the expression of a recommended action within the nursing practice with the aim of improving the standard of healthcare services that are provided to the patients or for resolution of problems with nursing (McEwen & Wills, 2017). Many theories are in use today within the nursing practice and one among the theories that are utilized by a NP is that the Jean Watson theory of human caring. The theories based the speculation on the way that nurses provide care to the patients and also the progression that’s made within the process of promoting well-being by preventing the occurrence of illnesses. In light of this, this paper seeks to debate the importance of the nursing theory and also the application of the nursing theory in by a RN.

Importance of Nursing Theory

Nursing theories have a spread of important, and hence attributing to their inclusion within the master’s education program for nurses. Specifically, nursing students pursuing masters programs are able to gain knowledge in relation to the method of managing patients by the utilization of the nursing theories. Furthermore, Marañón and Pera (2015) have indicated that nursing theories are used for inductive thinking among the nursing students on the nursing practice hence attributing to the introduction of the idea of nursing within the program.

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In the nursing profession, the nursing theory is prime thanks to the actual fact that it helps in description and prediction of issues that are associated with the nursing practice. Additionally, one will be able to make use of the idea of nursing within the explanation of the various issues that occur in nursing sector (Pirani, 2016). Moreover, the muse of nursing practice are often derived from the employment of the idea of nursing hence nurses are going to be ready to provide direction or generate knowledge by the utilization of the speculation of nursing. According to Masters (2014), the implementation of professional boundaries and ethical standards are often achieved by the employment of the speculation of nursing. Additionally, nurses use the nursing theories within the determination of what must be done also as within the decision-making process when there are cases of a dilemma within the nursing field.

Nursing theories are moreover useful for the separation of the nursing and healthcare professionals in this they make sure that a nurse is in a position to form use of effective ways in providing healthcare services. On the opposite hand, nursing theories help the healthcare professionals within the higher cognitive process on the diagnosis and in prescription processes. Typically, the theories of nursing specialize in specific area within the healthcare sector while the healthcare professionals are tasked with offering services in many sectors of the medical field.

Nonetheless, there are concerns about the employment of nursing theories regarding the quantity of safety that the patients will have in receiving health care. As indicated by Smith and Parker (2015), nursing theories specialise in the advance of the standard of care that’s received by the patients and hence there’s a priority on the security of the patients. Precisely, the concerns are attributed to the environment in addition because the societal support of nurses within the process of delivering healthcare services.

Summary of Selected Nursing Theory

The nursing theory that has been recommend during this paper is that the Jean Watson theory of human caring, which was developed by Jean Watson. The theorist developed the speculation with the intention of making a transparent picture of the factors that affect process of caring of patients by nurses. The primary publishing of the idea was tired 1979 while the creation of this theory was done between 1975 and 1979 (Ozan & Okumuş, 2017). The Jean Watson’s theory of human caring has four specific concepts. These are health, human concept, the environmental and nursing profession.

Humans are valuable beings and expect that they’re going to receive care. Within the theory, Jean Watson has presented that humans are in need of respect and guidance from the others within the community. Taking this under consideration, it may be deduced that somebody’s is an integration of ones being and hence is created of many parts. The nurses should, therefore, be during a position of considering the physical and therefore the social functioning of patients while offering care.

The functioning of a personal as indicated within the theory including the physical, mental and also the social functioning. Considering this, it are often deduced that health conditions of a private are associated with the three functional parts (Arslan‐Özkan, Okumus & Buldukoğlu, 2014). The definition of wealth as indicated by the speculation is that the cases of absence of an illness. Along these lines, nurses should specialize in accomplishing health for the patients the least bit times.

In respect to the society or the concept of environment, the theorist has indicated that the nursing process is very important the least bit levels of the society and hence doesn’t participate within the generational changes. Along these lines, there’s a necessity for the event of a positive attitude for the enhancement of the delivery of care within the society. Ozan and Okumuş (2017) have elucidated that the culture that’s found within the environment is decided by the health understanding of the encompassing environment.

For the concept of nursing profession, it will be eluded that nurses are obligated to supply efficient and effective care to any or all the patients at any given time. Along these lines, the nurses are alleged to make sure that the patients are in an exceedingly healthy condition or are ready to get to a healthy state within the instances that there’s an illness. The virtue of promoting care is central to medical care in account to the idea of nursing.

Application of Specific Nursing Theory to chose Professional Nursing Practice area

The nurse clinician has been defined as a personal with the expertise of offering nursing services additionally as delivering treatment and diagnostic services to patients. Jean Watson within the theory affirms that nurse practitioners play a significant role within the nursing field still as within the healthcare sector as an entire. Considering this, the nursing process has been opined because the nature of a personal to deliver care and guidance for specific principles like upholding care.

Watson within the theory has also tasked the registered nurse with the requirement of upholding quality standards within the process of delivering healthcare services. A registered nurse should, therefore, offer a decent relationship standard that helps within the faster recuperation of the patient but there’s a desire for the nurses to be a conducive environment that they might deliver the services. This may make sure that the performance is improved and hence will help within the improvement of the standard of the services.

One of the examples that are associated with the Watson theory of human caring is an instance that i used to be with a patient who had a developmental disability. The patient was in need of support for management her condition and for education on effective ways in which she could use in managing the challenges that she was confronting. As a nurse clinician, it had been my duty to confirm that the patient was ready to get the mandatory information on the management of her condition in the least times. In light of this, I had to interact with the patient and make sure that I listened to her issues and offer achievable solutions where possible.

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The second example that expounds on the applying of the Jean Watson theory of human caring is that the scenario that involved the assistance that was offered by a nurse clinician on the increasing cases of fall within the elderly unit. The RN helps in proposing an intervention that would be implemented for the reduction of the cases of fall. Precisely, the NP proposed the education of patients on the danger and therefore the measures of avoiding the risks of fall. This helped within the enhancement of information.


In conclusion, it may be deduced that the nursing theories are fundamental within the nursing practice thanks to the adverse uses including the very fact that it’s employed by nurses within the higher cognitive process. Additionally, nurses make use of theories of nursing within the explanation of issues or within the development of an intervention to assist in resolving nursing issues. The idea that has been discussed during this paper is that the Jean Watson theory of human caring that was first published in 1979. The speculation is created of four concepts, namely, the humans, health, environment, and also the nursing profession. Jean Watson theory is beneficial for a nurse clinician since it helps within the determination of the professional boundaries that the nurses follow.


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