Case Study on West Safety Services

Published: 2021/11/30
Number of words: 877

Background of the Problem

The research completed focuses mainly on the architecture of the West Safety Services. The aim is to ensure that the security service that the company offers clients is improved and convenient for use. The company specializes in digital 911 systems and has established stations all over the United States. Their main product in the market is the 911 system by the name viper. Security is a sensitive matter for businesses, private homes, companies and other organizations, necessitating the need for improved security alert systems (Hyde 5). A failed alarm system can lead to loss of property, especially for organizations that operate in the financial industry. As such, there is a need to carefully examine how the firm should improve its services for a sustainable safety strategy for all its clients (Hyde 6).

West Safety Services is well known for its utmost diligence in ensuring that the world becomes safer for all. It is committed to improving systems that step up security issues within an organization, police station, fire stations, and emergency medical services. As a strength, the firm can acquire the latest digital technology for their systems due to its vast amount of profits in the industry. A company of West Safety Services’ calibre should be able to employ strategic plans on how they can penetrate the market and assure customers of improved delivery. The company enjoys a reputable name in business within the United States, which allowed them to provision and offer maintenance to the architecture system for both Hawaii and Vermont states.

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The company’s mission statement is geared towards ensuring that security systems are improved and every person within the sates gets safer by their help. To them, services delivery should be flawless in a bid to ensure that lives are saved and the property is protected from theft. Enterprise architecture matters a lot as it can determine its success or failure in the market. The firm values quick, error-free execution of its operations. For instance, an individual can make a call while in dire need of help, which necessities for immediate action as it might be the only chance to save the individual. Equally, the firm has several organizational units, namely wireless, wireline, government services and the network operating center. It is through coordination and integration of all the units that the firm is able to control its operations flawlessly. The organization can do better in its service delivery, given that its architecture improves.

Overview of the Situation

The main aim of the study is to ensure that service delivery to people is improved through the adoption of an advanced infrastructure system to support its operations. It is crucial to examine an overview of the company and how it manages to achieve its set objectives. Acquiring an architectural system that is mature can prove helpful for the organization. As an overview, it is essential to review its model of operations, which has seen it gain more popularity in the recent past. Their model is more related to diversification, a model that is characterized by relatively lower levels of integration and standardization. It is also essential to note issues or challenges that are deterring the organization from doing even better in the industry. Companies that operate at a large scale need improved security response team to ensure that all its properties are safe and secure.

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The IT strategy team for the company should find a way that common issues can be solved without affecting the operations o the giant company. Challenges that affect the organization’s success include inappropriate strategic planning in business, low levels of integration, complicated information systems, lack of the required know-how, and informalities when handling various issues that arise. To help improve its service for all its clients, there is a need for the firm to consider employing the latest technology. Also, the hiring of experts in the Information and technology department can help the firm become better. The tendency of hiring unskilled people in the company can cost them as some might not understand the scope of the infrastructure already in use. Solving such issues within the company can help them overcome challenges that are acting as an obstacle to its success (Hyde 9).

Offering security services to companies, private homes, institution and other organizations require a comprehensive and convenient system. As such, it is the role of the company to ensure that its architecture system is well integrated to ensure that there is no failure in times of need. The engineering strategy of the organization should aim at achieving flawless day to day PSAP operations, escalations when field technicians need assistance and escalations to other levels within the response system (Hyde 9). Equally, the organization uses outmoded approaches to sales, which is serving as a derailing factor in achieving higher market penetration. Enterprise architecture is an essential aspect of the organization, and there is need to keenly address issues that have seen the company fail to improve. However, it is vital to note that maintaining an effective and convenient security and response system can prove helpful for the organization.

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