Essay on Canadian Tire vs. Four Seasons Hotels

Published: 2021/11/30
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Canadian Tire is a retail company in Canada which supplies most local consumers with a range of home, sports, hardware, and automotive products. Its headquarters are in Toronto, the capital of Ontario, the most populated region in Canada. On the contrary, Four Seasons hotels is an international hospitality enterprise headquartered in Toronto. This company has grown worldwide, operating over 100 hotels in more than 45 countries. They rent building where they provide luxurious hospitality to many of the rich people internationally.

Tariffs/ restrictions

In Canadian Tire, discounts are offered every month. Again, they have price guarantees and fewer restrictions on returns on sales. Besides, based on credit card spending, there are gift cards. However, during pandemics such as the coronavirus, the company is restricted to online sales. On the other hand, Four Seasons provides costly rates on its hospitality programs, charging over $1000 per night. Such rates are non-negotiable, but they have Best Rate Guarantees, although it requires adherence to specific directives. The company has the right to control its rates and restrict who can access their hospitality services, and most booking is over the websites.

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Following the 2019 full year reports in the financials of Canadian tire, it presented revenue of up to $14million. This is steady growth from 2018, showing the stability of the company. Besides, as the company has expanded to the clothing market, banking, and even petroleum, it has been characterized by many employees. On the other hand, Four Season operates hotels on behalf of developers and real estate owners and earn a reasonable percentage on the returns. It is a multibillion company as the rich spend billions on leisure in these hotels. It is ranked among the top rich companies as it continues to expand globally. They are debuting new hotels and private residences in service to the wealthy global population.


In Canadian Tire, privacy policies are ensuring the details of clients remain confidential. Again, the vast number of employees are well catered for both full time and part-time employees while enjoying discounts. Similarly, Four Seasons upholds the privacy policy considering the status quo of people who enjoy their services. Besides, its employees have strong welfare enjoying many benefits of life insurances, annual parties, and complimentary stays.

Communication/ Language

In most Canadian Tires stores, they speak French and English languages, which are known to many. For the Four Seasons Hotels, they have a wider scope of languages based on the countries they serve. Both of these two companies have websites, telephones, and emails in which customers can reach out to them.

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In Canadian Tire culture, they focus on serving the local community by offering a wide range of products at affordable prices. Four Seasons Hotels pride themselves on its world-class hospitality services, ethical and anti-bribery culture towards serving the wealthy community.

Government/ Political

Canadian Tire has had joined projects with the local government to the extent of even donating $5millions in the fight of the coronavirus a pandemic. On the contrary, Four Seasons Hotels is a private company, and mostly individual shareholders contribute individually to political issues and aid to different ventures.


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