Richard Reti

About me:

I am a linguistics consultant for lawyers and investigators, advising them on their use of language in different areas of the legal process such as interviews and evidence. I also work part-time as an academic English lecturer at a leading UK university where I help native speakers and international students to write essays and give presentations. I have a Law degree, a Masters in Applied Linguistics and am currently doing PhD research into deceptive language in marketing. In my spare time I produce arts-related podcasts for online radio and am an avid collector of street art. In my previous career I worked as a quantitative advertising researcher and consultant on high profile youth brands. I have specialised in linguistics, intellectual property, criminology and advertising. I plan one day to open a bed-and-breakfast establishment where artists can stay in exchange for creative work.


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Refocusing the Deficit: Better Equipping Educators For ADHD-Diagnosed Children

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