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1.1 Introduction Phonology studies sound patterns in a language through organizing speech sounds to determine how they are organized in the mind and used to convey meaning. The common use of the concept is the translation of speech into text since the way sounds are pronounced is different from the way they are written (Bennett, 2015).[…]

Introduction The emergence of corpora as a complement to conventional teaching methods presents multiple new opportunities in the instruction of English and other languages. Using corpora as an English instruction tool creates a conducive environment to establish a student-centered education model. It also allows for students to be self-driven instead of relying on teachers for[…]

Table of Contents Bilingual Acquisition 3 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Definition and Significance 3 1.2 Critical Questions 3 1.3 Background Information 4 1.4 Research Relevance 5 2.0 Literature Review 5 2.1 Study 1 5 2.2 Study 2 8 2.3 Study 3 11 4.0 Results 13 5.0 Discussion 14 7.0 References 16 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Definition[…]

Introduction This essay considers the use of interactional sociolinguistics in the analysis of a short transcript (reproduced as appendix one for ease of reference). A brief introduction to the tradition is followed by the analysis itself. This analysis is then subjected to a critique from the Foucauldian perspective, to highlight potential strengths and weaknesses in[…]

abstract…. 2.2.1. The how of (inter)subjectification The concept of semanticisation is crucial to an understanding of the mechanisms at work in (inter)subjectification, because it discerns between two types of (inter)subjective meaning and delineates the research domain. Subjectivity is embodied in language: the very use of language by an individual makes it a subjective endeavour and[…]

Focus on the Learner Student Case Study Section A: The student as a person and as a language learner The student and his previous language learning experiences The student is a male student from Turkey who has been attending Pre-intermediate English classes for three months. He is 30 years of age and has been in[…]

FUNCTIONAL GRAMMAR: PART 2: Discussion of extracts. 1.1 Introduction. Extracts 1 and 2 are articles about ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a chronic form of back pain. Extract 1 has been written for a website by a sufferer of the condition. His aim is to inform and offer help to other sufferers whilst advertising a booklet on[…]

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