Miles Cavendish

About me:

My initial degree is in Physics and I have worked subsequently in Physics applied to Medical Technology and have an M.Phil by research in this topic and more recently a Ph.D. in risk simulation in the clinical environment. I have also an interest in Renewable Energy – in particular wind, solar and marine energy conversion systems. I am active also in Optical radiation safety in the clinical environment for light sources including laser systems, intense pulsed light sources and solar radiation and have published on these topics in scientific journals. I have specific interest in technologies involving Ophthalmology both in terms of new measurement and imaging techniques and drug treatments and have published extensively on these topics. I am active in systems of risk management involving Fuzzy Logic implementations and have applied this to several applications within the clinical technology environment. I have extensive experience of the MATLAB scientific computing environment. I have also specific interests in Nanotechnology and also Nanophotonics as part of the development of ‘Photonic Crystals’. I write also on generic topics including travel, culture and art and have a specific interest in the use of art in hospitals.


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Nanotechnology in Dentistry: An Update

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