Kristina Robinson

About me:

I completed my Master’s in Human Resource Management at a UK University. I have also done CIPD certification which gave me insights into employment law and employee relations in the United Kingdom. Before pursuing my Master’s in HRM, I worked for two years in the field of Management and Information Technology. Academically, I have scored a distinction overall with various awards including a business school award from the University of Birmingham. As part of my academic project I have undertaken research on Performance Management Strategies, where I analysed the performance management system of the organisation and gave suitable recommendations based on the strategies, which were highly appreciated by the organisation. My expertise is in HRM, International HRM, Change Management, International Business Context, Training and Development, Competitiveness, CIPD, Industrial Relations and Leading & Managing within organisations. I am looking forward to conducting research in employee relations for which I have enrolled on a PhD at one of the best universities in the UK.


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Talent Management as a Business Strategy.

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