Dominic Caner

About me:

I currently hold a BSc in Marine Biology and an MRes in Animal Behaviour. As an undergraduate my main interests were on the ecological and behavioural effects of environmental stressors on marine organisms. I was further interested in the adaptability of organisms and in identifying evolutionary strategies. The areas of study I was involved in included: ecology, biogeochemistry, environmental engineering, marine microbiology, coastal and fishery management, ecosystem modelling, genomics, marine pollution and marine biotechnology. I gained experience with boat-work, field-work and underwater reef studies. I worked with Model Maker 3, MINITAB, SPSS  and GNOME. As a postgraduate I had the chance to learn about the study of animal behaviour and how to address proximate and ultimate questions when examining behavioural traits. I also had the chance to study: cognitive neuroscience, human neuropsychology, animal welfare and the use of animal models for medical research. Personal qualities developed during my work and study experience include problem-solving, decision-making, organisation and planning and are ones that give me drive and focus. I enjoy keeping up with literature and educating myself on novel areas. Finally I like thorough and careful work and I tend to give extra attention to detail.


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The ‘Three R’s’ of Animal Experimentation – Addressing Animal Welfare Through Good Science

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