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I have a Master’s degree in ‘Engineering Projects & Systems Management’ with a distinction. I have secured ‘A’ grade in all assignments and projects that I have done to obtain my undergraduate as well as postgraduate degrees. I have involved myself in major projects for manufacturing companies during my Master’s programme. They aimed at eliminating waste such as re-work, overproduction, inappropriate processing, waste due to defects and motion, needless transportation, excess inventory levels etc., thereby ensuring the availability of raw materials of the right quality and quantity at the right time and place. On implementing the suggestions recommended by these projects, the firms were able to enhance manufacturing flexibility, efficiency, competitiveness, material and information availability, transportation speed etc. My areas of interest are Supply Chain & Logistics, Operations Strategy, Operations Management, Industrial Project Management, Simulation Technologies, Green Engineering and Technologies, etc., I wish to obtain a PhD in Supply Chain and Logistics in the near future.

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