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Performance Modelling and Evaluation of a Wireless Cellular Network of Voice Calls

1.0 Introduction

This coursework analysed wireless cellular network calls. This consisted of three wireless cells: a delay station, one queuing station with one server and another queuing station with three servers. The performance parameters for the exponential open queuing networks and open GE-type network were obtained and the impact of the square coefficient of variation was observed.

1.1 Analysis of an open queuing network

The figure below shows the open queuing network with Pij, ij ϵ (0,1,2,3) as the transition probabilities in the network. Λ1, Λ2 and Λ3 are the mean flow rates while µ1,µ2 and µ3 are the mean service rates at stations 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The arrival and service rate follows the Poisson process and hence Jackson’s theorem was applied to the network.

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