Michael Alexander

About me:

I am a consultant research analyst for a global investment research firm. I have a broad background that covers important areas of the social sciences, physical sciences and humanities. My educational qualifications include a double honours Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics, a Master’s level PgDip in Quantitative Finance and a Master’s degree in Quantitative Economics/Finance. I am currently enrolled in a PhD Economics programme in the UK. My interest is in International Finance and Macroeconomics. For years I worked as a Sell-side Research Analyst conducting extensive analyses on businesses and industries. Between 2013 and 2014, I was ranked first thrice, second twice and third twice by Bloomberg, based on the quality of my research and recommendations. I have developed important strengths, capabilities and insights and my future plan is to do high level research in my area of concentration.

I have competences in the following subjects – Business, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Mathematics, Statistics, Agriculture, Econometrics and Philosophy and Logic


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Optimal asset allocation of pension funds in regret theoretic framework

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