Laura Bowling

About me:

I developed a keen interest in scientific research after completing my undergraduate research project in biological sciences. I also hold a Master’s in Toxicology from the University of Birmingham. My main expertise lies in biology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, neurosciences, health medicine, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences. I am happy to undertake any projects relating to the subject areas mentioned above.

Previously I worked as a research assistant and also worked in pharmacy for many years. I have several years of experience in laboratory in state of the art molecular biology based techniques. I have a lot of experience with academic projects, reports, essays and presentation. I possess complete knowledge of scientific publications and its requirements.

I am currently self-employed and aim to get a PhD in biomedical sciences, and become a consultant in biosciences sector. I have a great interested in scientific field and enjoy reading the latest developments in scientific field.


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Aetiological Agents in Occupational Asthma

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