Jack Roberts

About me:

I graduated in 2009 with a Master of Arts in Sociology (with first class honours) and subsequently pursued a Master of Social Research (with distinction). I was awarded “Best Undergraduate Dissertation” for my year. Previously, I had achieved a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Social Science. I was awarded “Best Student of the Year” for both 2004 (HNC) and 2005 (HND).. My primary fields of expertise are Psychology, Sociology and Research (both qualitative and quantitative strands), though I have considerable knowledge in Politics, Economics, History and Philosophy – this allows me to pull on a variety of sources when compiling a piece of work. Broadly speaking, my personal academic interests are rooted in various critical strands and radical alternatives within sociology, including feminism, Marxism, postmodernism and reflexive sociology (in the Bourdieuian sense). In addition, I also find historical sociology (especially ancient Rome and Greece) and sociological theory (mainly debates surrounding epistemology and methodology) particularly insightful and interesting. Aside from having a long career as a student, I have also served as a tutor and lecturer at both university and college-level which has certainly enhanced my understanding of how the educational system works and, most importantly, what is expected of students to achieve a high mark.


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To what extent does the process of McDonaldization exemplify Weber’s theory of bureaucratisation

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