Edward Grant

About me:

I have successfully completed a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a top university in the United Kingdom, graduating with a Distinction (First Class Honours equivalent). I am soon to be a full-time doctoral researcher at a reputable university in the United Kingdom with a focus on software development for the automation and optimisation of RF and EM engineering designs. As an astute researcher, I have worked with teams and individuals in the following areas: antenna design and optimisation, technical writing and documentation, project evaluation, monitoring and management, electrical services installation, computer-aided design and drafting.

My core areas of competence include, but are not limited to: data analysis, software design and development, building services, electronic design and development, technical analysis and documentation, programming, project management, risk management and information systems management. I possess the needed proficiency to competently deliver optimal outputs and associated reports in these areas: Android Applications, C, C++, C#, Windows CE Mobile and Desktop Applications, MATLAB and Simulink (Mathematical Computation, LTE Physical Layer, Digital Communication Blocks, Noise Reduction Methods, Image Processing and Compression), Python, HTML/CSS, Data Analysis (Descriptive and Inferential Statistics: SPSS, MS-Excel, R, MongoDB, NumPy and Pandas), JavaScript, Embedded Systems (Arduino IDE and Board, Interactive C and Handy-Board, prospects in MikroC and PIC MCUs).


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