Daniel Simmons

About me:

I am currently working for a multi-brand Hospitality and Grooming company with many stores in all continents. I am deeply involved in all the pre-opening operations, such as project planning and marketing campaign, and post-opening operations, such as financial and accounting paperworks. Also, I work as a freelance Trainer and Consultant for a private company teaching Public Relations and Communications, Strategic Agility and Resilience and Marketing. In the past I lived, worked and studied in three different nations where I achieved my Degree in “Business and Management” and my Masters in “Marketing and Integrated Communication” and “International Hotel and Restaurant Management”. I specialise in Service Sector Marketing, Marketing Mix, Research Methods, Innovation Technology, Strategic Management, and HR (Leading, Managing and Developing People). Strong motivational skills enable me to maintain a high level of productivity in my studies and in my jobs, where my sense of urgency leads me, even under pressure, to always meet my daily deadlines.


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Do better entrepreneurial and economic outcomes stem from an increase in the share of migrant populations?

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