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‘Genetic contributions’ refers a branch of biology that deals with heredity and how much of a disorder is determined by genes. Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder, characterised by impaired communication, imagination and socialisation. Leo Kanner (1943) first claimed that the characteristics of the children he studied were attributable to their parent’s lack of warmth[…]

Introduction In recent years, the idea of functional and effective connectivity measurement of the brain has attracted much attention. Our brain is an interconnected network. The interaction between brain regions is fundamental to brain function and this interaction can be quantified by brain connectivity measurement methods. Brain connectivity usually refers to three basic terms: structural,[…]

Neurogenesis is the generation of neurons from neural progenitor/stem cells. Until the 1960s it was believed that the nervous system was incapable of regeneration (Cajal, 1928) and that neurogenesis was limited to pre-natal development. Evidence that neurogenesis is, in fact, a life-long process was provided in 1965 by Joseph Altman’s discovery of proliferating cells in[…]

Introduction: Glutamate receptors mediated excitotoxicity is a major consequence of stroke, which ultimately leads to neuronal death resulting in cerebral damage (Hazell, 2007). Stroke (also known as brain attack or cerebrovascular accident) is a life-threatening event, in which part(s) of brain is deprived of adequate oxygenated blood and glucose. Stroke is the 2nd (or 3rd)[…]

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is an emerging medical diagnostics technique that is sensitive to the concentration of oxygen in biological tissue and therefore to the level of functional activity that the tissue exhibits. The most exciting application of this technique is the study of activity patterns in the human brain – there are well-founded[…]

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