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About me:

I have a BSc Psychology degree (2:1), and have recently completed a Master’s degree in cognitive rehabilitation. While reading for my Master’s degree I was able to delve more deeply into neuropsychology and brain injury, as well as successful rehabilitation techniques/interventions. My dissertation focused on the nature of music-evoked memories in an ageing population and in the light of neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia. Since graduating with my Master’s degree, I have been working as a support assistant for a student with learning disabilities. I have been writing essays and academic work for several years, and I am now assisting a student with higher education assignments; therefore I am very experienced in this area and have a passion for academic writing. During my spare time I volunteer at a local care home for the elderly and assist with the planning of stimulating activities for individuals with dementia, brain injury, and psychological difficulties.


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A critical discussion of the genetic contributions to the aetiology of autism.

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