Oliver Wells

About me:

I am a PhD graduate in biomedical sciences and a researcher. Within the range of my scientific interests are cell and molecular biology, genetics and the origins and evolution of life. I am fascinated by neuroscience and psychology, and I follow closely the advances in our understanding of the workings of the brain, and the consequences for psychiatry and for the evolution of human societies that stem from those discoveries. My interests go well beyond the scope of biomedical sciences and also include science communication, publishing and education, economy and sociology. I am a passionate follower of arts and culture, especially theatre and music; I devour books and I love poetry.

During the course of my studies and scientific work I have regularly published research and review papers. I have also presented my work at scientific meetings and conferences, both in a form of seminars and posters. Apart from working as a researcher, I have served as an editor and a writer for a major scientific publisher; a role that I plan to continue and develop in the future.

I hope that I can share my passion for knowledge and my love of writing with you.



Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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