Essay on the Relationship Interaction and Dependence of Human Resource and Other Departments

Published: 2021/11/23
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For the Human resource to be a successful department at large there has to be a relationship fostered between this department and other departments in order to meet the larger goal or rather aim of the business. There several departments that work hand in hand with the HR department and their codependence with the human resource department is the one that attracts success. There will be success in an organization if each and every department is responsible and relates with the other department in a manner that is satisfactory. This paper will critically analyze the manner in which the HR department is related with and to the business field and the aspects that will be handled will be its relationship with organization finance department, the company Information related Systems department, Manufacturing related department of the organization, the department responsible with distribution, the Marketing department , Sales department , Service related department , without leaving behind the Administration department which all together constitutes the aspects of what a business is indeed.

To begin with, the human resource department is related to and must work hand in hand with the finance department in order to bring about the success of a given is true that the HR department must work hand in hand with this department due to different reasons that range from meeting the goal of a given business to the provision of sustainable service to the business consumers as well as being able to keep the business running. This is mainly because when departments interact, they are after meeting a certain goal for the organization. When these departments interact, it is true that it will come to a point where they will be sharing responsibilities that are overlapping indeed within the financial duties (Xing, 2016). They may also interact in order to come up with different ways of ensuring that the profitability index of the business is raised (Xing,, 2016). This indeed is met through the study of how the increment of salary for the employees will affect both the business and the employees’ productivity. The two departments may also settle down to study the impact that the reduction of salary of the employees will have to the company and the employee production at large.

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For instance, take the likes of companies like Nokia.
it is true that dating back to the early 1990s, Nokia’s financial related Strategic Intent was to work towards the building of a greatly distinctive competency in the innovation of products, the rapid user response to great services offered, and the resultant global product brand management (Giannakis, 2014). It is true that its strategic financial intent indeed needed rapid growth and development in the business of mobile phones and telecommunication related networks and this was to be possible through the interaction of the different departments and the HR and the finance department is included in this.

Moreover, For HR related professionals; indeed it is very important to have a full comprehension indeed of the financial related aspects of leading and running a business that can be successful. The key areas of relation between the finance and the HR department also include the manners in which the budget and benefit management is done in the business (Giannakis, 2014). HR department must also ensure that there is indeed a good understanding of how the financial related statements are read and its effect to the organization at large. the other aspects that are related between this two departments are the aspects of hiring of employees and the termination of others. The HR department must be well conversant with the manner in which finances of the business affects its employee hiring and employee service termination and its subsequent effect to the company. indeed the largest complaint that always exist among many cooperate related leaders is that the HR doesn’t have an understanding of what the business entails, how it makes its money or even how to have a meaningful conversation relating to the finance of the company. Indeed the process of learning and application of these concepts is and should remain important to the HR department and its development and financial integration.

Furthermore, in finance, some of the specific human resource measures that need to be understood are employment costs, salaries, benefits, and labor laws. It is also important to understand the workforce plans. This is not only related to the number of employees, but also to how important investments in human capital and resource (such as fostering and encouraging of training and development, awards and recognition by the company and cognitive related programs that are meant to advance the goal of the business at large) in order to produce observable primary results (Bush, 2009).

In addition to understanding each other’s areas of expertise, it is also necessary to present to the top leadership the logic of human resources and financial cooperation. This could mean that both departments have direct access to the CEO (Giannakis, 2014). It can also lead to changes in direction from management and approach to strategy. Human resource development and financial cooperation will enable the two to focus on the company’s strategic vision. This can also help the two departments to become more active rather than just looking and seeing each other function separately. To do this, both groups must clearly understand the purpose of the organization.

The other department that must be in sync and good relation with the HR department is the information systems department. Interactions between human resource department and information related systems department is indeed an interaction that should be greatly encouraged. The HR department and information systems must indeed be intentional about the maintenance of a close communication to ensure full play and the meeting of the goal of the company. They include the need for human resources to make strategic plans in their operations, which can be provided by the information department and systems. the information provided by the information systems department about the updates in business, the changes in the market strategies, the rise or fall of certain products may be a great avenue that the HR department can use indeed to make its plan that are aimed at meeting the goal of the organization. In addition, forecasting and planning, record management, knowledge management, and monitoring are human resource related functions and they solely require information management systems to operate effectively (Giannakis, 2014). This means that the two departments must work closely within the organization to ensure that the process is runs smoothly. Human resources and information systems can share the above functions because they need to maintain a strategic office and business performance at large. The interaction between the human resources department and the marketing department is about creating the best brand to meet customer needs and satisfy them. The Human Resources Department takes talent that has the potential to create the best brand that is essential for the development of the company. In addition, retailers within the organization must remain happy and compensated enough to attract their attention and ensure that they are working for the company (Giannakis, 2014). Therefore, the role of human resources is to properly plan this happy relationship and this is gained and possible when the HR department is well informed and the information systems department is in place to ensure that this happens smoothly.

Moreover, as we know, the use of human resource-related information systems can expand the activities and programs of all human resources for the organization through the Internet or Intranet; making it an IT work environment. It is true that relying on information technology enables HR to be strategic, flexible, cost-effective, and targeted at the same time (Anderson, 2002). This improves the personality of the organization and enables it to compete profitably. A series of research work advocates the ability of human resource-related information systems to create integration between human resource management (HRM) and information technology by maintaining planning, management, strategic decision-making, and control (Gallupe, 1986). They believe that human resource-related information systems have improved management capacity, thus enhancing better decisions that affect many human resource management practices, such as staff recruitment and selection processes, placement, award management, and human development (Anderson, 2002). In a study of Indian companies, the results show that participants believe that “technical and strategic HRM” and management and performance and remuneration are the most important factors in the use of HR related information systems and that these two departments must understand each other’s functions indeed to operate effectively and profitably (Kundu, 2012).

Organizations are social units. Depending on the system, each department is related indeed directly or indirectly to the other. Now specifically when I talk about HRM interdependence to the manufacturing, sales and production departments, I will explain with an example. Assuming that the production department of a transformer manufacturing company meets the requirements of electrical engineers, and then the HRM department is responsible for meeting their needs as soon as possible (Gallupe,1986). At the same time during recruitment, the human resources department also should begin by looking for electrical engineers who not only have the technical ability to repair transformers, but also have sufficient capacity to assist (especially technical parameters) in a flexible sales wing. The best way is to enable the sales force to easily bring their transformers to market.

The goal of HR is to recruit, educate and deploy a well-trained production team. Many processes are needed to achieve and maintain this goal. Starting with recruiting qualified candidates and providing appropriate training for insurance benefits and meeting production requirements; HR requires a lot of production and financial information to complete the task with high efficiency. It is said that the goal of production has been met but customer satisfaction has not been met when the customers are not satisfied (Giannakis,2014). It is possible for workers to have worked harder and spent more money overtime but the production is still low. HR needs to know this information to prevent any performance limitations. Making adjustments before a crisis occurs can save customers dissatisfaction with additional costs and additional benefits. HR should collect and calculate production and revenue information and customer satisfaction estimates. HR requires production and financial departments to collect and be able to manage to make better financial decisions (Xing, 2016) . when indeed there is no source of relevant real-time data (about production and financing), the human resources department relies on inaccurate forecasting models when applying for project funding; making it very difficult to provide possible data on return on investment. Performance measurement statistics are important information that HR needs from time to time to make a company work better while exceeding all performance and customer satisfaction goals.

According to Samsung’s vision, “Samsung is committed to promoting innovative technologies and efficient processes, creating new markets, enriching people’s lives, and continuing to make Samsung a digital leader. In fact, diversification is brought about by the acquisition of information on investment matters required that is why the progress if Samsung indeed has been made possible through the analysis of information gathered and the HR and other departments. In the years that followed, Li found a mix of trade in various fields, such as the sugar industry, the wool industry, the insurance, the securities, and the retail industry (Xing, 2016).

In 1960, the Samsung Group entered the electronics market after getting information adequate to make them decide on what business to venture in. New companies such as Samsung Electronics Equipment Co., Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., and Samsung Corning Co. were established. In 1980, all electronics-related companies merged with the parent company Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd (Bush, 2009). Samsung’s first product in the field of electronics was the Black and White TV. In the years that followed, Samsung unveiled electronics manufacturing devices in the UK, Portugal, the United States, Japan and other countries. Today, Samsung deals with electronics, construction, chemicals, heavy equipment, life insurance, securities, hotels, etc. As an important resource, information systems and its relation with HR plays an important role in the achievement of organization goals in the society. Different issues of information management are management changes, systems and services, technology, collection promotion, staff management, finance and planning (Bush, 2009). The scope of the information management system indeed is defined as “a combination of human and computer resources, resulting in the collection, storage, storage, communication and use of data to achieve better job management and business planning. Samsung in its business is widely used.

Many people call it the use of human resources. Human resources are not a behind-the-scenes force in the workplace that focuses on recruitment, participation or development only. The Department of Human Resources and Marketing should indeed aim to work together to create a corporate brand. For instance, when we have a look at Samsung brand, its success indeed has been directly related to its great marketing strategy that has indeed been brought about by the relationship between the HR and the marketing department. Samsung has been known to market its products globally and this has seen it gain international success (Giannakis,2014). The marketing in this organization has been done through the use of ads and other means of marketing.

The sales department communicates the essence the company brand to consumers, while the integration of human resources and marketing departments presents the company brand to employees. Using social media and technology, the company creates brand messages for employees, applicants, and users. The human resources department works hand in hand to find the best talents to promote and build brands, while the marketing department creates and distributes branded messages to employees (Gallupe,1986). This process is so effective that 67% of first-class companies have a clear brand message that includes human resources and marketing processes. The company learns that brands are not for consumers, but all employees need to live with that brand. Through this type of partnership, companies have seen positive results for instance, in Samsung.

When marketing and HR work together, they both benefit from the partnership. These benefits are converted into benefits for employees, consumers and prospective employees and the company at large. The human resources department serves the company’s employees. Because of the relationship with staff, the department may share brand information created in sales with employees through training courses, evaluation and staff orientation. Through partnerships with HR, brand information can be disseminated throughout the company through internal communications. Employees can be brand ambassadors, thus strengthening the marketing department’s commitment to disseminating brand information to consumers. Because of the connection between the marketing team and the users, they can help increase the values and mission of the company. Through this promotion, they can help attract potential employees. Because vendors have experience in communicating with consumers, the sales department can also help the human resources department and other employees adjust their communication channels and styles. If you do not have a good collaboration structure, you may need to work from the beginning, but over time it will get better. Companies need to start doing something to benefit from the use of HR (Anderson,2002)

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The other department that indeed has to work together with the HR department to meet the goal of the organization is the Administration department. It is true that the department that is closest to the HR department it the administrative department. This is the department that is given the task of taking care of the decisions that have to be made in the organization, the planning function in the organization, the financial related review of the business among other functions. This comes without doubt that the relationship between this department and the HR department must be great indeed at all times for the success of the organization. the HR must be close to the administrative department at all times indeed to ensure that the right information is disseminated at all times from the top most policy making body to the grassroots bodies of the organization (Kundu,2012). Such a relationship between these organizations will allow a great working environment that means a success and achieving of the goals of the organization. Take for instance the likes of companies like the Apple Inc. this company’s administration is known to greatly support the differentiation strategy over all the other strategies. The HR department in this company has indeed agreed to this strategy an aspect that is known to prevent any possible disagreements and in the long run foster the achievement of the goal of the organization.

It is true that Apple’s strategic related target that has been agreed upon by the administration and the HR at large is in the broad industry and is seen by broad differentiation. Apple indeed has been identified to have managed to differentiate its great products through innovation which is an aspect that has been agreed upon by the organization administration and the HR at large which showcases a great deal of positive codependence between HR and human resource (Bush, 2009). This has been the main factor for the success of the organization over the past several years.

In conclusion, from what has been discussed, indeed it is true that the HR department fits in the scope of business at large. It is true that the success of an organization is entirely dependent on the relationship between the different departments that are available. It is true that each department depends on the other in one way or another.


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