15 Dissertation Topics on Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technologies are increasingly penetrating our everyday life, having become a popular method of authentication for smart devices. However, the use of this authentication method has also introduced security challenges as well, all of …

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Late to Lecture: Where Should You Sit?

We’ve all arrived late for a lecture. For any number of reasons, valid or not, we’ve all been there. It’s a simple mistake to make, but whatever caused your tardiness, your troubles are only just …

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Top 5 Popular Degrees in Canada

Attending university and securing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree is still one of the best ways that you can secure a well paid job. Regardless of the programme you choose, you will need to budget …

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Top 5 Popular Degrees in the UK

Degree courses in the UK range from the everyday to the obscure, but which courses are the most popular? Here are our top 5: 1. Actuarial Science Students studying this topic will focus on the application of …

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8 Reasons Why You Should Do an MBA

Deciding to study an MBA is a big step. After all, you have already spent 3 years completing your undergraduate degree and you’re now wondering if an MBA will really allow you to progress in …

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2 Reasons Not to Do a Masters Degree

When it comes to graduation, students will often start to think about what to do after they complete their undergraduate course. While some students may decide to progress on to a Master’s Degree, there are …

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