Top 5 Popular Degrees in Canada

Attending university and securing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree is still one of the best ways that you can secure a well paid job. Regardless of the programme you choose, you will need to budget carefully, plan well and work hard to achieve and succeed in your chosen course.

The most popular degree courses in Canada include:

1. Civil Engineering

In the coming years, economic growth in Canada is expected to increase significantly particularly in relation to construction projects. As a result, this is the reason why civil engineering degree courses are growing in popularity. Civil engineers are accountable for many aspects of construction projects from the initial design phase right through to completion and they work on a number of different projects from bridges and roads to buildings and supply systems. Studying for a civil engineering degree can be difficult with lots of assessments and essay writing, but with the right support and lots of hard work, there is no reason why you can’t graduate and contribute to some of the country’s up and coming building projects.

2. Nursing

A nursing practitioner will have many more responsibilities than a registered nurse but less than a doctor. To graduate as a nurse practitioner you will need a bachelor’s degree and then a period of specific medical training. Nursing continues to be a popular choice, mainly because the market for jobs in this industry remains stable particularly when discussing the ageing population in Canada.

3. Business Administration

There are lots of opportunities open to students to study this degree in Canada. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) will vary depending on the position that you secure, but this qualification will open up opportunities in many different sectors from payroll and research through to legal.

4. Software Engineering

In the coming years, the number of software engineers is expected to rise due to the ongoing investment in technology and digital. There are three types of degree that you can study; Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science. Due to the increasing demand for these types of careers, there is always a demand for new graduates.

5. Geosciences

As one of the more unusual degree courses, Geosciences is still a popular option. This is because a degree in this field can lead to work in petroleum or mineral exploration as well as consulting. These skills are very much in demand in Canada, primarily because of the country’s mining industry.

Whatever degree course you study, it is important that you choose one that will help you achieve your career goals. You must be willing to put in the effort and give everything you have, whether you are coursework writing or sitting an exam, the more effort you put in, the greater the benefits will be when it comes to graduation.



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