Top 5 Popular Degrees in the UK

Degree courses in the UK range from the everyday to the obscure, but which courses are the most popular? Here are our top 5:

1. Actuarial Science

Students studying this topic will focus on the application of statistics and maths to assess risk in financial situations. This may seem like a surprising course because it is a subject that is not well known. It is an ideal option for those who are interested in solving complex business problems or those who are interested in money. It is best suited to people who would like to progress into a career in insurance or accountancy.

2. Psychology

The way in which the mind works is a fascinating subject for many. Despite the lack of certainty in terms of career after studying this subject, it still remains one of the most popular courses in the UK. Psychologists aim to demystify why people behave in a certain way and it can prove to be an interesting career choice. This option is also popular with students because of the interesting nature of coursework writing or assignments.

3. Make-Up

Another surprising course that is one of the most popular in the UK involves the application of makeup in the media or fashion industry. Make-Up is an area of study where students learn how to make actors or models look a certain way for the parts that they are playing.

4. Law

Law is one of the most searched courses in the UK. A law degree will provide students with a number of skills to practice in law. Transferable skills acquired during this degree include research, investigation and explanation of complex subjects as well as analytical skills and problem solving, all of which are valuable skills for many different careers. Law is a complex area of study and some students make use of university assignment writing services to assist with the preparation and research involved with writing essays.

5. Physiotherapy

Physical treatment of injuries, illnesses and disease through exercise, massage and heat therapy is what a physiotherapist does. Graduates usually progress into roles either in the public or private sectors including hospitals or with sports therapists. When it comes to writing your dissertation for physiotherapy there are lots of professional writers who will be able to assist with research so you can develop your writing skills and increase your marks.

Studying in the UK presents a number of opportunities for students and the degrees that make the most popular list change each year. Are you going to be studying one of the most popular degree subjects in the coming year?



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