Top 5 Postgraduate Scholarships For EU Students In The EU

A Scholarship is just one of the ways in which EU students can meet the costs of their course if they decide to study in Europe. Studying can be expensive. Not only will you have to meet the costs associated with everyday living, but you will also need to purchase textbooks and other resources to help with essay writing. There are many different names for scholarships including an award, sponsorship or bursary but they all do much the same thing. It is important to remember though that you must research the scholarship to determine what it covers. Some scholarships will incorporate all living expenses and associated university fees while others will only cover certain costs.

There are multiple scholarships available for this level of study because of the skills, knowledge and capabilities that students at this level can offer to businesses. You can obtain a scholarship from the following places:

#1 The Government

Your government will often have scholarships for overseas study as part of a wider strategy to enhance the skill set of citizens and in an attempt to boost the economy. Governments often fund scholarships and there are lots available. That being said they are competitive so you are advised to apply early.

#2 Businesses

With postgraduate courses, students can sometimes obtain sponsorship (also known as a scholarship) for postgraduate study. Sometimes they are even incorporated into company training and development strategies and so they are only open to those already in employment with the company and there may be a requirement that you continue working for them after you graduate. Scholarships from businesses can cover a whole range of expenses helping you purchase research material for when you have to write coursework or prepare for an examination.

#3 Charities

Scholarships are often offered as part of a wider developmental or educational programme. This means that they are often assigned to people from specific backgrounds, such as those on a low income or studying in certain industries or subjects such as medicine or teaching for example.

#4 Regional

Many local charities provide scholarships to students from certain localities. Typically these will be in low income or ‘deprived’ areas as an incentive to encourage students to build a better future for themselves.

#5 Research Councils

In certain countries such as the UK, there are multiple research councils that fund postgraduate study as well as training and research across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines.



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