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About me:

I graduated with a BA Hons degree in public relations from the University of the Arts London, with a result of 2.1. This course has provided me with extensive knowledge and practical experience of public relations (PR) and marketing related subjects such as buyer behaviour, competitive environments, future and innovation, public opinion and persuasion, strategic PR, media for marketing and public relations, advertising, communications, culture and context, human resources management and so on. My passion for building and shaping brands has grown in the final year of my course when I produced a first class, place marketing and branding project. My marketing research and analysis skills have flourished, not only through my studies conducting corporate identity audits, branding programmes, SWOTs and PEST(EL), but also through using monitoring and evaluation frameworks and qualitative and quantitative research methods for analysing many different sectors during my work experience. My recent work experience involves a variety of communications and marketing roles in the voluntary and community sector. During the past three years I have gained hands on experience of the development and delivery of branding and communications tools and products through internships with Race on the Agenda (ROTA), the Human Rights and Equalities Network (HEAR) and Minority Ethnic Network (MiNet). These experiences have encouraged me to apply for a Masters degree which I hope to begin in the near future.

Other areas of experience include: tourism, hospitality management and brand communications and programmes.


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A profile and analysis of the London department stores

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