Ben Mellor

About me:

My area of expertise is within the field of Health Psychology, for which I hold a Master’s with Commendation and a PhD. I am a member of the British Psychological Society and the Division of Health Psychology. I have trained in the psychometrics of patient-reported outcome measures, systematic reviews, and critical appraisal at Oxford. I am currently working as an Evaluation and Research Coordinator for a large cancer charity, as well as providing policy-based health advice to various organisations. Much of my work is evidence-based, as guided by systematic reviews and research. Topics covered in my work include lifestyle, behaviour change, self-management, chronic conditions management, and quality of life. I regularly write for a nursing journal, with articles varying from health-related topics to continued professional development guidance. I am in the early stages of training in counselling skills, as accredited by the BACP. I can write for a variety of audiences as well as create Powerpoint presentations or design leaflets. I can also assist with the use of SPSS for quantitative data analysis or provide thematic content analysis or interpretative phenomenological analysis for qualitative data.


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Health Psychology Baseline Comparison Theory.

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