Alistair Daly

About me:

I have a PhD in Life Sciences and a first class honours degree in Biology from Imperial College London. During my PhD, I received numerous awards for both oral and written presentations of my research, and have published work in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. I am a research scientist working within one of the top ten leading research universities in the UK.  I possess a continual interest in science and in my spare time help run a postgraduate society which invites prestigious scientists and clinicians to present their research to the next generation of scientists and medical students. Some of my spare time is also spent tutoring undergraduate students. This entails explaining and demonstrating laboratory procedures to facilitate understanding of fundamental scientific principles and enable students to perform important research techniques independently. In the past, I have worked within several other leading research institutions, including collaborating with highly regarded scientists from Manchester, Birmingham and Harvard universities.


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Function of steroidal androgens in humans and regulation of their biosynthesis during early foetal development.

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