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Paez, Rocio Alejandra, and Rick Dierenfeldt. “Community policing and youth offending: a comparison of large and small jurisdictions in the United States.” International Journal of Adolescence and Youth 25.1 (2020): 140-153. In this article, Paez and Dierenfeldt relied on their study to determine whether there is an association between the practices of community policing and the arrest[…]

Introduction Conflict resolution strategies determine the nature of a relationship that individuals can have, especially within the work setting. Poor conflict resolution approaches cannot build proper relationships, which impacts the overall performance of a particular organization. When two individuals have a conflict that should be resolved, a third party should come and help as a[…]

British Constitution has evolved through history by its unusual nature of being an ‘uncodified’ constitution depicting the relativity stability of the British polity. Over the years the Crown has been the source of power and influence. The defining principle of the British Constitution has been regarded as parliamentary sovereignty. Nevertheless, the British Constitution is comprised[…]

Introduction The youth justice system must take into account the needs of the young people in society in a manner that supports good deeds. The essence of the youth justice system is to take the young in society into account for their unlawful actions (Talbot, 2010). It is important to highlight that children in courts[…]

The 1834 New Poor Law, has been described as one of, “the most important and controversial pieces of legislation”[1], or an act that was more based on continuity, which in many areas, particularly the countryside, was largely ignored[2]. Some historians such as Michael Rose, state that it “made no changes in the existing system” [3]. The[…]

How interesting is it that abortion was a non-issue in the nineteenth century? There were no policies or debates concerning abortion. However, today, abortion is one of the most divisive and controversial issues in the U.S. (Rose 1). Over the years, many scholars have made their claims on whether abortion should be legal or illegal.[…]

Over the past years, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), under the Justice Department, has embarked on the privatization of prisons, by issuing contracts to interested companies. A privatized prison refers to a place where criminals are imprisoned by a third party, that has been awarded a contract by the government, as indicated above. These[…]

How Technology Has Changed the Work of Law Enforcement Innovations and technological advancements have been changing the law administration landscape since the 19th century. For instance, the introduction of thermal imaging knowledge has automatically improved law prosecutions. Based on the research conducted by Law Enforcement Technology in 2015, innovation and technology are considered as multi-edged sword[…]

There have been more than enough administrative law cases that have been decided by the Supreme Court of the United States, but the one that stands out is Chevron case in 1984. It is one of the most influential cases in the past years as it provides principles that guides to any Court giving deference[…]

Abstract The goal of the research was to find and examine the existing legal limits of public language as well as countenance rights, as established and characterized by state judges, so that educators can better make informed decision-making with respect to student affirmation and speech in the face of such circumstances. The study evaluated the[…]

The Federal Administrative Procedure Act in the United States was enacted in 1946 to provide guidelines and the basis for policy formulation in the country. The enactment includes requirements for publishing of suggested and finalized laws in the Federal Register (Parker, 1951). It is important to explore the relationship between the Federal Administrative Procedure Act[…]

There is no other crime in the world that attracts a hefty punishment than the crime of murder, intentionally or unlawfully taking human life. Compared to other crimes, including espionage and treason murder is the only crime that is more likely to attract the punishment of death, although not in all countries. For instance, in[…]

Arguments for Legalization When individuals argue against the legalization of prostitution, often their concern stems from a place of morality. In most cases, they believe that the legalization of prostitution would lead many young girls to think that their bodies exist for the sole purpose of sexual exploration by men (Outshoorn 235). In other instances,[…]

With the continually changing technology, will laws on abortion remain the same? For the last few weeks, I have been researching and building on how future technology and medical practices will lead the government to impose more restriction on abortion. The reasoning behind this is that as technology improves, the technology used in analyzing organ[…]

There are many problems that are related to the sales, trade, and donation of human organs. Despite the strict measures that have been put in place to check the practice of sale, trade donation, and trafficking of human organs, most of the jurisdictions have not successfully curbed the human organ trafficking menace. The problems involving[…]

Police-related shootings and use of force have increased over the years in the united states of America with cases being reported in states such as; Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore, and Chicago. These issues have raised several concerns over the deteriorating interaction between the community and the police department. Advancements made in technology have enabled law enforcement[…]

Police unions contain organizations that conduct labor negotiations on behalf of the police officers. The officers started to form these unions as early as 1900 in collaboration with the labor movement that resulted from the industrial revolution. The police unions have been s routinized by labor activists as they brutalize protesters and their leaders defend[…]

ABSTRACT There are a lot of challenges facing the police management hence affecting the enforcement of the law altogether. There are challenges from recruitment, retention, use of force, i.e., police brutality, among many others. These have necessitated the policy change in the management to embrace the pillars of training, supervision, discipline, policy, and people. This[…]

Like other professionals, law enforcement agencies need to maintain strong and healthy work culture. The police are held to a higher standard than other professions because of their critical role in law enforcement. The officers are tasked with law enforcement, thus should maintain high standards to execute their mandate freely. High work standards ensure that[…]

Introduction Health policies have a significant impact on a country’s population. This paper presents a legislation grid and legislation testimony/advocacy statement concerning one proposed health-related Bill, which is H.R 721 Mental Health Services for Students Act of 2021. The legislation grid summarizes what the Bill is about and the legislative intent of the Bill. Further,[…]

The court, decision-maker, and citation Citation: GetSwift Limited Vs. Webb [2021] FCAFC 26 (5 March 2021) Court: Federal Court of Australia Decision Maker: JAGOT JJ and Mckerracher, Middleton Material facts (summary only) The case between Mr. Raffaele and GetSwift Limited entailed the alleged continuous disclosure contraventions by the company. This operational element by GetSwift Limited was presented in[…]

Introduction The use of mobile phones in learning has demonstrated itself as a quicker, flexible, and accessible means for many students, regardless of their locations. The widespread use of mobile phones, especially in the educational field, can be accredited to the growth of mobile phones and services industry and the mushrooming competences of the current[…]

It is vital for company executives to familiarize themselves with laws that regulate their industry. These laws aim to protect investors and other users of financial information from falling prey to manipulated financial statements. Accounting acts became necessary after the corporate accounting scandals at Arthur Andersen, Enron, Adelphia, and WorldCom Companies. This paper analyzes Kellogg[…]

Introduction Business owners in the field of entrepreneurship are often caught by legal challenges that cripple their businesses. The best way to fight this problem is to trust business law during the formulation of a business. Some issues are hard to navigate for any business owner; ethical issues have held a wide range within an[…]

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