Essay on Police Unions

Published: 2021/11/17
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Police unions contain organizations that conduct labor negotiations on behalf of the police officers. The officers started to form these unions as early as 1900 in collaboration with the labor movement that resulted from the industrial revolution. The police unions have been s routinized by labor activists as they brutalize protesters and their leaders defend them for doing so. The police unions have always been the outliers in any labor organization. However, the police unions have faced criticism because of their obstruction nature and the way they prioritize their member’s interests over the interest of those they police. This paper will explain the purpose of the police unions, as well as the role they serve.

The police unions have been raising their voice against criminal justice reforms that pertain police discipline and their use of brutality. Whenever police use force, their unions appear as well. The role of the police unions is not different at all from other labor unions, for they live to fight for their membership. The unions have a duty to represent their members legally. However, the public does not support unions that stand for police officers. The unions are to admit the blames because they are very seldom accepting when one of the officers makes a mistake.

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In the workplace, the unions play an essential role in unionizing the members. They must resolve the workplace issues by becoming a voice for the employees during negotiations; they also act as bargaining representatives (Fisk & Richardson 2017). They also advocate for the rights of employees and ensure that these workers meet the minimum obligations

The unions unionize the members for various reasons. Firstly, it enables the employees to get benefits and better wages. It is proven that the workers who belong to the trade unions earn better than those not in any association. The train unions bargain for better salaries, health insurance, overtime, pensions, and pay for their members.

Secondly, the trade unions unionize members to assure them of personal protection. Unions have got the back of their members. They defend the rights of their employees. The workers can trust the trade unions and turn to them when they are unhappy and when the work management mistreats them.

Moreover, trade unions champion equality among the employees. They fight discrimination against gender, race, disability, and sexual orientation. They also promote a flexible working environment and maternity rights. The trade union encourages members to be unionized to work in a good working environment.

Additionally, it is even safer to work in unionized workplaces. The trade unions do not allow the workers to put their lives at risk to meet the targets or save money for the organization. The best way to have a voice as an employee is to get unionized, for it is easy to say no to dangerous work. More so when the officers are unionized, they have a place to report to in case they are not satisfied with anything that my hinder their working.

Hence more, trade unions promote solidarity, and they are incredible networks that span the world. Joining a marriage is like entering a global family since the unions can even command the attention of giant corporations. Therefore, unionization aims to provide favorable working environments to the employees by fighting for their rights.

There is a need for police unions in contemporary society because, without unions, the police will not be paid well; the officers will be accused wrongly. To avoid such issues, the police unions are there to offer unique benefits to the members and act as a legal presentation for the sake of situations that may arise in the course of work.

There are various advantages of the police unions. The main pro of the police unions is to promote the health of the police force and avoid their strikes. It is crucial to support the rights of the police officers as they go on with their duty to protect the public. Additionally, the unions ensure that the police officers get better payment as they work in good working conditions and obtain their compensations.

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Just as there are pros, there are also cons that are associated with police unions. The police unions have now become a group that vocally opposes criminal justice, reforms, officers’ discipline, and forceful actions. Unlike most associations, the police unions have been conservative that seem to uphold white ethnic and focusing on right-wing politics (Levin 2020). This has little solidarity with the left-wing unionists.

In summary, the police unions must advocate for the police officer’s rights and enable them to access a good working environment and better pay as well as allowances that they may not be able to access as individuals. However, the public criticized the police unions as organizations that promote ethnicity, and therefore, the association does not stand without pros and cons. In contemporary society, having police unions is crucial to represent the police officers on legal matters and dealing with issues that affect them in their duties.


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