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In determining whether Asha’s ex-partner can re-establish contact with Asha and her children, it is essential to determine who has parental responsibility for the children. Section 3 (1) of the Children Act (CA) 1989 defines parental responsibility as “all rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in[…]

INTRODUCTION Critically determining whether it is just for a debtor to remain in ownership and control of the business in a reorganization requires a broad understanding of the topic of insolvency.Bankruptcy laws aids individuals or commercial institutions that are incapable of repaying their debts to get a second chance by either developing a payment plan[…]

Introduction The punishment handed out by the state to an individual in the form of execution for committing a particular offense is normally referred to as capital punishment. Gas chambers, electrocution, hanging and lethal injection are some of the techniques used by various states in the implementation of capital punishment over the years (Steiker &[…]

Introduction Insanity please entails using mental defects as a defense to criminal acts committed. In this regard, one lacks the prerequisite mental capacity to distinguish between what is right or wrong (Daftary-kapur et al. 2011). In the American law, one is considered legally insane if he/she had a set of persistent mental problems at the[…]

Identifying and measuring value and success in sectors such as sports and business can be easy and straightforward. For instance, in sports, one can record and communicate the number of games won (Jarrar and Schiuma, 2007, p.5). Similarly, in business, one can measure and track profits and market share (Jarrar and Schiuma, 2007, p.5). However,[…]

Case Summary In 2013, the FBI received fraud allegation reports against a businessman in Atlanta and the woman, Cynthia Vinson; he had hired to manage finances. The duo was accused of pocketing an investor’s finances as he claimed his money was never invested appropriately. A joint operation by IRS and the FBI discovered Franklin Trell;[…]

Today, an array of guidelines, laws, legislation, and more complicated ethical principles regulate the healthcare industry. Much of these guidelines and laws revolve around matters such as patient confidentiality, informed consent, and patient physical relationship. Importantly, with so many guidelines, ethical and legal issues can appear out of nowhere even when physicians and other medical[…]

Abstract Since 2019 a lot has changed due to coronavirus. It has affected the lives of lakhs and crores of people worldwide and caused huge economic loss due to the lockdown and outburst of COVID-19. Government and others are continuously emerged in finding ways to fight against it, and in the meanwhile, two applications were[…]

Introduction Diversity and inclusion are two important aspects that various departments and organizations across the world should implement in a bid to meet their objectives. Organizations that have adopted inclusivity as a strategy in handling their operations have done well in the past in retaining employees and meeting their needs (Ashley and Empson, 2013). Having[…]

Introduction The Criminal Code specifies when a suspect may be arrested. In general, the police must have reasonable and probable reasons to suspect a person is committing a crime. When a person is detained or arrested, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to some privileges (Brantingham et al., 2017). There have been many[…]

Capital punishment has been used in various cultures since the commencement of documented history. Long before humanitarian capital punishment used in today’s civilization was enacted, offenders faced some severe penalties. We see that those who were boiled to death were sliced slowly, crucified, crushed, stoned, burned, and decapitated. These capital punishments were ruthless and very[…]

The Australian Civil Procedure is directly influenced by the British Civil Procedure due to the colonial legacy. Nonetheless, the civil procedure in Australia has been adapted to mirror the circumstances of each federation. It should be remembered that each Australian colony operated based on a two- or three-tiered judicial system headed by a supreme court[…]

A breach of a contract implies a violation of agreement terms as stipulated in the contract for both parties. The case in question involves the United States vs. Utah Construction and Mining Co. Link to article Case Facts The United States government had issued a construction contract to construct a facility for the Atomic Energy[…]

Introduction The case of Bethel School District v. Fraser presents a landmark ruling in the history of education and institutions of learning. Fraser, a high school student at the school, delivered a speech that nominated a fellow student to an elective office. Fraser was a highly rated student in the institution, earning a nomination by[…]

Laws fundamentally secure basic human rights commonly referred to as civil rights. By and large, the government administration sets up these laws to shield the masses against discrimination. The present social liberties have not been consistently around and ensured, but their growth has happened over time. Civil Rights Movement was the mother of many of[…]

Introduction This essay will address the topic of capital punishment, and will put forth the thesis that the death penalty should be abolished in the United States because it may lead to wrongful deaths, because it is inhumane, and because it is ineffective in stopping murderers and other perpetrators of serious crimes. This essay will[…]

Discuss this statement. Introduction This essay discusses the developments in the law concerning the creation of a valid trust over the past half a century. The essay seeks to identify how the law of equity has become more flexible in relation to establishing a valid trust over the years. Traditionally, the case law in this[…]

What are the benefits & drawbacks of Police Led Prosecutions, including the Single Justice Process? BENEFITS OF POLICE LED PROSECUTIONS Police-led prosecutions will be beneficial regarding many minor offences for a number of different reasons that are set out below – Where a guilty plea is made since the Crown Prosecution Service (hereafter, the CPS)[…]

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Title: Online Commercial Arbitration in the United Kingdom: Prospects and Challenges based on recent developments after the introduction of the New ODR Platform 1.1 Introduction (This chapter will be expanded further in second half of the Paper) ODR, or Online Dispute Resolution, is essentially a set of techniques, which are used in the resolution of[…]

Recent developments in the discussion between Russia and the Energy Charter Secretariat indicate that there is a growing consensus that the market is not sufficient to ensure energy security. Discuss Introduction Since the Cold War, the relationship between the EU and Russia with regards to energy has been beset by insecurity and has evolved into[…]

The landmark case of Salomon v A. Salomon and Company [1897] A.C. 22 saw the House of Lords firmly uphold the principle of separate corporate personality which has been the starting point for any discussion on the topic ever since. Mr Salomon controlled a boot-making business as a sole trader. He incorporated a company called[…]

Dear Mr Mark Menzies, I am writing to ask you to encourage and support attempts to increase the age of criminality in the UK to twelve years in accordance with the Barnardo’s campaign. As an undergraduate psychology student with an interest in the wellbeing of people and society, I believe that introducing children to the[…]

The major contribution of this paper lies in the use of regret theory to analyse the optimal asset allocation of a pension fund that maximises the expected modified utility of its final wealth. Unlike the standard expected utility framework in which a pension fund manager independently considers only the investment choice that he makes and[…]

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