Essay on Managing Conflict at Work

Published: 2021/12/16
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Workplace conflict is a fact of life in almost every company on the planet. Conflict is a natural result of people working together, even though many people and organizations view it as a negative activity that should be avoided (Capozzoli, 2018). If not handled properly, dealing with disagreement at work can be highly stressful for the entire team. If one handle disagreement properly, it may have a really good effect, which can help with corporate output. To effectively manage conflict, one must first understand the reasons for the dispute, then plan how to deal with it, and then end the issue by devising solutions that benefit the team.

Causes of Conflict

Capozzoli is a brand of pasta made by Capozz (2018) “Just because people work on the same team does not guarantee they will get along or agree on everything” (p. 7). There are a variety of reasons why conflict arises at work. Backstabbing, criticizing, blaming, purposefully undermining others, hoarding information, and caring exclusively about personal agendas are among the most prevalent and damaging toxic behaviours we encounter, according to Curnow-Chavez (2018). (over team and company goals). Harmful actions do not always cause conflict. Different beliefs, attitudes, needs, expectations, perceptions, and personalities are some reasons for conflict. Whatever the source of the conflict, it should be handled professionally.

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Getting ready to talk about a conflict

When dealing with conflict, preparation is essential. One must have a thorough knowledge of the source of the conflict. Gabby (2018) proposes a four-step method for keeping the conversation on course and achieving a favourable outcome: She recommends first focusing on how the problem affects the organization’s goal, then attempting to differentiate the issue or danger, then planning what one want to say, considering all sides and all options, and being prepared with neutral replies, and then having the discussion. The most difficult task will be talking. One will want to make sure one mention the behaviour’s influence on the entire team. Things are more likely to go smoothly if one prepare for the discussion, making resolving disagreement an easier process.

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Dispute Resolution

Individualism and competitiveness are essential to the ethos of most American businesses (Capozzoli, 2018). As a result, conflict is certain to arise and can be difficult to overcome. On the other hand, productive conflict resolution is learning to argue productively about topics and circumstances and coming up with a solution that benefits the entire team (Capozzoli, 2018). Allow members to share their perceptions of the issue after the talk to try to comprehend each other’s perspectives. Allow each person to come up with their answer and see if one can come up with anything that falls somewhere in the middle. It is necessary to put the best option into action when selected (Capozzoli, 2018). Provide solution paperwork and ensure that all parties are aware of the terms. According to Capozzoli (2018), “conflict will become a successful element only when individuals are free to bring out and appreciate diverse points of view and discuss them in an open atmosphere” (p. 8).


Finally, workplace disagreement is frequent in nearly every firm, but how one handle it may influence how oner company grows. No one wants to have to hire new employees every time a disagreement arises. Therefore management must handle conflict properly. Team members can mend connections and learn from one another as a result of the conflict. Managing workplace conflict will never be simple, but by planning ahead of time how to handle it, one may at least increase oner chances of a favourable ending. Positive outcomes will lead to increased output and a less stressful atmosphere.


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