Essay on Conducting a Job Analysis

Published: 2021/12/16
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Analyzes the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this position; supports competencies with credible sources.

Work analysis is the process of understanding the nature of the job you are supposed to undertake. It includes the understanding of the tasks you are supposed to launch and what needs to be done to ensure its success. Job analysis acts as a base ground for understanding the job and what is required of you; that’s why everyone needs to take it seriously. When conducting a job analysis, it is essential to give the job applicants an overview of what they are expected to do. Such include

  • The education level of the individuals and the quality of the applicants. The required certificates ascertaining qualification on the particular studying processes should be available.
  • The experience of working in other firms and the certificate of good conduct from the previous working place
  • The availability of additional skills in other areas. Apart from the specific job they are applying for, the need to find another talent is essential since it helps in differentiating one from other people looking for the same position (masholum and Baird 1987)
  • You can assess one’s understanding of that particular job. This may be through an interview conducted by skilled people, or you can determine one’s performance through issuing questionaries containing simple questions concerning the job.
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Analyzes wage information and employment trends for this position in a selected state; supports data with credible sources.

For every person applying for a job looking at the wage, perspective is a significant figure, and this is because the amount one is paid should be equal to the task they are performing. This reason ensures that the employee’s rights are not violated in any way. In Texas, the reports received about employment in the state back in 2016 showed that it was at 6.6%, but by 2021 it had improved by 0.1 and now stands at 6.7 percent. As for the wage, the payment of the employees is made efficiently, and it is reviewed. Payments are made through different banks in the region. This ensures that everyone gets what they deserve as wages. Payment dates are fixed, and not making a payment within that time violates the employee’s rights on reasonable charges for their services and work.

Articulates the components of a job description; explains reasons for selecting those specific components.

For every job available, some of the descriptions articulate the type of job you are expected to undertake and the culture of the job. They include:

  • The title tends to show the applicants the position of the job they will be. They include a delivery driver, secretary, clerk, or a baker. Such information may seem tedious, but it plays a significant role in looking for a job. The title should be concise and brief to prevent the readers boo down.
  • The other component is the summary of the job. It should also be brief, and it helps the applicant understand the importance of the position to themselves and the institution as a whole. It also shows the role of the place to the company.
  • Another component is the tasks and responsibilities one is expected to perform as their job in the company. At this point, it is essential to stipulate the working hours of the job. This is important since it eradicates the misunderstanding after one gets the job.
  • For every job application, the qualifications of the person that is needed to be employed highly matters. Education levels of the applicant and other special skills are essential to estimate the applicant’s understanding of the job they are about to undertake.
  • Salary and benefit component. Every individual looking for a job needs to look at the compensation he is expecting to be paid due to his services. At this point, there will be confirmation on whether the job will be part-time or full-time or the process of payment.
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I have decided to pick the above components since they are close to the applicants for different jobs.

Explains why a job analysis is a requirement for any recruiting and selecting process; refers to specific uniform guidelines and court rulings.

Job analysis is an important figure of any recruiting process. This is because it gives the institution or the company performing the recruitment a reason to trust the person they have employed to perform at the expected heights to help the company. According to the court orders and orders, there should be no discrimination in the recruitment process. Doing that would lead to violation of the laws, leading to harsh consequences (Mehrer 2006). For this reason, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission was created to keep an eye on the recruitment processes of different companies, institutions, firms, and receive complaints about this violation of law and finally prosecute whoever has committed the crime.


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